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Mother’s Day is a special occasion dedicated to honoring mothers and mother figures around the world. It is a day filled with love, gratitude, and celebration. To add an extra layer of fun to this heartfelt holiday, we’ve compiled a collection of 48 Mothers Day trivia questions.

These questions explore the diverse traditions, historical origins, and unique practices associated with Mother’s Day across different cultures. Whether you’re planning a family gathering, a community event, or just want to test your knowledge, these trivia questions are sure to provide entertainment and enlightenment. Dive into these curious facts and discover more about how Mother’s Day is celebrated around the globe.

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1. What is the official flower of Mother’s Day?

2. Which U.S. President officially declared Mother’s Day a national holiday?

3. In which month is Mother’s Day celebrated in the United States?

4. Who is credited with founding Mother’s Day in the United States?

5. What is the traditional gift given in France for Mother’s Day?

6. How do Ethiopians celebrate Mother’s Day during the Antrosht festival?

7. In which year was the first Mother’s Day observed in the United States?

8. What does the white carnation symbolize on Mother’s Day?

9. Which country celebrates Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May unless it’s Pentecost, in which case it is moved up?

10. How often is Mother’s Day celebrated in the UK?

11. What unique gift do children in Yugoslavia traditionally give their mothers on Mother’s Day?

12. What is the common practice for Mother’s Day celebration in Japan?

13. Which ancient civilization is believed to have held the first celebrations in honor of mothers?

14. What is the main focus of Mother’s Day celebrations in Thailand?

15. In which Australian state was Mother’s Day first celebrated?

16. What type of events are typically organized in schools across India for Mother’s Day?

17. Which notable author famously criticized the commercialization of Mother’s Day in the U.S.?

18. What popular Mother’s Day gift did florists promote heavily in the early 20th century?

19. In the United States, which industry sees the highest sales increase due to Mother’s Day?

20. What is the symbolic meaning of wearing a pink carnation on Mother’s Day?

21. What activity do children in Australia often do for their mothers on Mother’s Day?

22. Which country has a tradition of gifting perfume on Mother’s Day?

23. What is the main theme of the Mother’s Day celebration in Indonesia?

24. What was the original intention behind Anna Jarvis’ creation of Mother’s Day?

25. Which country officially celebrates Mother’s Day on March 21 to align with the start of spring?

26. Which Italian city is known for having a special cake made only for Mother’s Day called ‘torta della mamma’?

27. What do the words ‘Mothering Sunday’ originally refer to in the UK?

28. What unique Mother’s Day tradition involves children in Serbia tying up their mothers?

29. How is Mother’s Day referred to in Spain?

30. What kind of public event is commonly held in Mexico on Mother’s Day?

31. In what year did Woodrow Wilson proclaim Mother’s Day as a national holiday in the U.S.?

32. What special type of jewelry is traditionally given in Mexico for Mother’s Day?

33. Which type of flower is most associated with Mother’s Day in Canada?

34. What was the original color of carnations distributed by Anna Jarvis for Mother’s Day?

35. What is a common Mother’s Day tradition in Brazil?

36. Which South American country celebrates Mother’s Day in February?

37. What is the significance of Mother’s Day falling on the second Sunday of May in the U.S.?

38. What specific type of flower markets see a significant boost in sales around Mother’s Day in Germany?

39. Which famous U.S. suffragette was a staunch supporter of establishing Mother’s Day?

40. In which country is it traditional to gift azalea flowers on Mother’s Day?

41. What is the main custom for children to do for their mothers on Mother’s Day in South Korea?

42. What unique Mother’s Day gift is popular in Belgium?

43. Which historical figure in the UK is thought to have inspired the idea of Mothering Sunday?

44. What traditional Mother’s Day cake is made in the U.S. to celebrate?

45. Which day of the week is Mother’s Day always celebrated in Israel?

46. What was the medieval European origin of celebrating mothers?

47. What role did the YMCA play in the establishment of Mother’s Day in the United States?

48. Which famous historical monument is associated with Mother’s Day celebrations in India?

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