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50 New Jersey Trivia Questions and Answers – Everything Trivia

Welcome to our New Jersey Trivia Challenge! The Garden State boasts a rich history, diverse culture, and many firsts in the annals of America. Whether you’re a New Jersey native or just curious about this unique state, test your knowledge with these 50 intriguing questions. From its iconic landmarks to legendary personalities, there’s something here for everyone. Dive in and discover how much you really know about New Jersey!

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1. What is the capital of New Jersey?

2. Which famous inventor had a lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey?

3. New Jersey is known as the ‘______ State’.

4. Which boardwalk city is a famous tourist destination in New Jersey?

5. Which Revolutionary War battle took place in New Jersey in December 1776?

6. What university, founded in 1746, is the eighth-oldest college in the U.S.?

7. What’s New Jersey’s state bird?

8. Which famous TV show set in New Jersey focuses on a mob boss?

9. Which NBA team was originally based in New Jersey before moving to Brooklyn?

10. What is the state flower of New Jersey?

11. In which New Jersey city is the Liberty Science Center located?

12. Which body of water borders New Jersey to the east?

13. What park in Jackson, NJ, is known for its thrilling roller coasters?

14. What is the highest natural point in New Jersey?

15. Which famous singer, known as ‘The Boss’, hails from Freehold, NJ?

16. Which famous aviation event took place in Atlantic City in 1910?

17. What New Jersey city is known for its historic Victorian houses?

18. Which U.S. President’s summer home was in Long Branch, NJ?

19. New Jersey is the leading U.S. state in the production of which berry?

20. What is the name of the river that forms much of New Jersey’s western border?

21. Which tunnel connects New Jersey and New York City?

22. What nickname is given to the southern part of New Jersey due to its sandy soil and pine forests?

23. Which fort in Sandy Hook was once a military base?

24. Which U.S. patent was first demonstrated in New Jersey?

25. What large lake in New Jersey is a popular resort area?

26. Which famous WWI fighter pilot, known as ‘The Lone Eagle’, was from New Jersey?

27. What New Jersey racetrack is known for horse racing?

28. Which astronaut, the first American to orbit the Earth, was from Glen Ridge, NJ?

29. Which famous poet and author of ‘Leaves of Grass’ lived in Camden, NJ?

30. Which shore town is known as ‘The Jewel of the Jersey Shore’?

31. Which New Jersey county is the most populous?

32. What New Jersey city is known as ‘The Brick City’?

33. Which is the largest New Jersey state park, spanning over 115,000 acres?

34. What is the name of New Jersey’s state dinosaur?

35. What is the state shell of New Jersey?

36. Which major American Revolutionary War turning point occurred in Princeton, NJ?

37. Which NJ highway is one of the nation’s busiest toll roads?

38. Which laboratory in West Orange was Thomas Edison’s primary research lab?

39. Which New Jersey lighthouse is the tallest in the state?

40. Which island resort city is known for its boardwalk and casinos?

41. Where is the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial located?

42. Which early European settlers first colonized New Jersey in the 1600s?

43. Which U.S. President was a former governor of New Jersey?

44. What is the name of the prehistoric village in Indian Mills, NJ?

45. Which New Jersey river is known for the legend of the ‘Jersey Devil’?

46. Which famous rock musician was born in Sayreville, NJ?

47. Which ‘Queen of Salsa’ lived in Fort Lee, NJ?

48. In which city is the New Jersey State Museum located?

49. What event in 1938 caused a widespread panic due to a radio broadcast?

50. Which New Jersey city is home to the Battleship New Jersey Museum?

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