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Welcome to the world of softball trivia! Whether you’re an avid player, a loyal fan, or just curious about the sport, this compilation of questions will challenge and enlighten you. Spanning the history, rules, and iconic moments of softball, these queries are designed to test your knowledge and introduce some fun facts. So, step up to the plate and see how many you can knock out of the park!

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1. In which year was softball invented?

2. Where was softball first played?

3. Originally, softball was known by which name?

4. What is the distance between bases in fast-pitch softball?

5. How many players are on the field for a team during a standard softball game?

6. Which ball is bigger: baseball or softball?

7. In what year did softball become an Olympic sport?

8. Which country won the first Olympic gold medal for softball?

9. How many innings are in a standard softball game?

10. What is the regulation size of a softball (in circumference)?

11. Softballs are traditionally what color?

12. Which pitch is illegal in slow-pitch softball but legal in fast-pitch?

13. How many umpires typically officiate a high-level softball game?

14. Which softball pitch is known for its unpredictable sideways movement?

15. What is the maximum number of strikes a batter gets in softball before being out?

16. What’s the minimum number of players needed on a softball team to avoid a forfeit?

17. What piece of equipment is mandatory for all softball batters?

18. What type of glove does a first baseman typically use in softball?

19. In which country was the first women’s softball championship held in 1965?

20. What’s the main difference between slow-pitch and fast-pitch softball?

21. What is the term used when a player hits the ball and makes a full run around all bases?

22. Which position stands between second and third base?

23. How long is the pitching distance in men’s fast-pitch softball?

24. What do you call the player who catches the pitches from the pitcher?

25. How many outfielders are there in a standard softball team?

26. In softball terminology, what does ‘DP’ stand for?

27. What does the ‘mercy rule’ in softball imply?

28. Which position would typically cover second base during a steal?

29. If a player hits the ball without it touching the ground and it’s caught, what is it called?

30. Which position typically stands closest to the batter?

31. What’s the term for a game with no hits and no runs?

32. In softball slang, what does ‘K’ stand for?

33. What’s the term for a pitch that’s too low, high, or wide to be hit?

34. Which pitch is thrown underhand in a smooth motion without snapping the wrist?

35. How many feet away is the pitcher’s mound from home plate in women’s fast-pitch?

36. Which organization oversees the rules for softball in the USA?

37. What is the maximum length allowed for a softball bat?

38. In which decade did the name ‘softball’ become official?

39. What is it called when the batter hits the ball and runs to first base?

40. How many balls result in a walk to first base?

41. In softball, what’s a ‘bunt’?

42. What does ‘RBI’ stand for?

43. Which player is responsible for relaying signs from the coach to the batter?

44. Which country hosted the 2000 Olympics where softball was played?

45. How many feet is it from the pitching mound to first base in women’s fast-pitch?

46. What’s the name for a pitch that drops sharply at the plate?

47. Which position would typically play closest to the right field?

48. What shape is a softball diamond?

49. What’s the term for when a base runner advances due to a hit by the batter?

50. In which year did softball get dropped from the Olympic program, only to be reinstated later?

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