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Welcome to Everything Trivia, where excellence, accuracy, and user-friendliness dance together in perfect harmony, wearing their fanciest party hats.

Our team of trivia nerds scours the depths of knowledge like caffeinated squirrels on a mission, ensuring that our trivia is as accurate as your grandmother’s radar for hidden chocolate. With an unrivaled standard of excellence, we guarantee that our facts are so rock-solid, they could bench-press a library.

So buckle up, fellow trivia enthusiasts, as we embark on a wild journey of mind-expanding, rib-tickling, and sometimes utterly bizarre trivia adventures.

For lifelong learners, trivia enthusiasts, or those just looking to sharpen their mind.


Enhance lessons with fun quiz questions and trivia games for the classroom.


Make presentations fun and informative, or play team building activities.


Create fun family game nights, or keep your kids on their toes with did you knows.

parties and events

Host fun trivia competitions for charities, parties or at events at your local pub.

We’re on a mission to prove that trivia can be both ridiculously entertaining and mind-bogglingly educational.

Everything Trivia About Us

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Don’t be shy! Reach out to us for a delightful blend of suggestions, advertising mischief, or simply to shower us with a friendly “hello” like confetti at a party. We promise our response will be as snappy as a comedian on caffeine!



From Our Founders

Greetings fellow trivia enthusiasts! As the founders of EverythingTrivia.com, we embarked on this journey with one goal in mind: to create a haven where knowledge meets laughter, where curiosity reigns supreme, and where every trivia lover can find their happy place.

– Everything Trivia Team | Vancouver, BC, Canada

Everything Trivia About Us

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