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Dive deep into the heart of the Midwest with these captivating tidbits about Indiana, the Hoosier State! Whether you’re a native, a visitor, or someone who’s just curious about what makes this state unique, these 50 Indiana trivia questions are sure to pique your interest. From history to culture, landmarks to famous faces, challenge yourself and see how much you truly know about Indiana. Ready to embark on this Hoosier journey? Let’s get started!

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1. What is the capital city of Indiana?

2. Which U.S. president was born in Indiana?

3. What is Indiana’s nickname?

4. Which famous car race is held annually in Indiana?

5. On which date did Indiana become a state?

6. Which Great Lake borders Indiana to the north?

7. Indiana is the leading state in the production of which farm product?

8. Which Indiana city is known as the ‘Orthopedic Capital of the World’?

9. What is the state bird of Indiana?

10. Which famous pop star was born in Gary, Indiana?

11. What is the state flower of Indiana?

12. Which river forms the southern border of Indiana?

13. In which Indiana city is the University of Notre Dame located?

14. Which author known for writing about the Jazz Age was from Indiana?

15. Which Indiana city is famous for its limestone quarries?

16. Which movie, about a young basketball team, was based in Indiana?

17. Indiana has the only working what in the U.S.?

18. What unique sport did Indiana invent in 1891?

19. Which Indiana-born comedian hosted ‘The Tonight Show’ before Jay Leno?

20. In which year did the Indiana Pacers join the NBA?

21. Which U.S. Vice President, known for his speaking errors, was from Indiana?

22. Which state borders Indiana to the west?

23. What popular toy is produced in the Indiana town of Elkhart?

24. Which Civil War general, known for his ‘March to the Sea’, was from Indiana?

25. What Indiana city is known as the ‘Maple City’?

26. Which Indiana university has an annual event called the ‘Little 500’ bicycle race?

27. What’s the name of the large children’s museum located in Indianapolis?

28. Which Indiana town claims to be the popcorn capital of the world?

29. Who is the famous Indiana-born war correspondent during WW2?

30. What is the name of Indiana’s state tree?

31. Which Indiana city hosts an annual ‘Pierogi Fest’?

32. What is the name of the reservoir that’s Indiana’s largest inland lake?

33. In which Indiana park can you find the Toboggan Run?

34. Which poet hailed from Indiana and wrote ‘Little Orphant Annie’?

35. Which Indiana town was the childhood home of Abraham Lincoln?

36. How many counties are there in Indiana?

37. What Indiana city has the motto ‘Crossroads of America’?

38. Who is the Indiana-born entrepreneur behind the Wendy’s fast-food chain?

39. In which Indiana city is the historic Angel Mounds site located?

40. Which Indiana town is known for its annual Melon Festival?

41. What river runs through central Indiana?

42. Which famous WWII ship was named after the state of Indiana?

43. What is the state insect of Indiana?

44. In what Indiana city is Ball State University located?

45. What’s the tallest building in Indiana?

46. What annual event celebrates Indiana’s aviation history in Oshkosh?

47. Which Indiana park is known for its sand dunes?

48. Which Indiana county is the smallest by land area?

49. What is the oldest continually operated bar in Indiana?

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