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Dive into the rich tapestry of Maryland, a state with a vast history, unique culture, and undeniable charm. From its iconic Chesapeake Bay to its historic landmarks, Maryland is brimming with fascinating tidbits. Whether you’re a proud Marylander or just curious about the Old Line State, test your knowledge with these captivating Maryland trivia questions. Let’s see how much you really know about Maryland!

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1. What is the state capital of Maryland?

2. Which large bay is Maryland located on?

3. What is Maryland’s state bird?

4. What is Maryland’s state flower?

5. In which year was Maryland admitted to the Union?

6. Which university in Maryland is known for its terrapin mascot?

7. Which author who wrote ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ is buried in Baltimore?

8. What is the nickname of Maryland?

9. Which island in Maryland is famous for its wild ponies?

10. Which Civil War battle took place in Maryland in 1862?

11. Which Maryland city is the largest?

12. Which Maryland county is the wealthiest based on median income?

13. What large waterfall can be found on the Potomac River?

14. Which famous abolitionist escaped slavery in Maryland?

15. In which Maryland city is the United States Naval Academy located?

16. What is the name of Maryland’s state dessert?

17. Which actress, known for ‘Hairspray’, hails from Maryland?

18. What long trail runs through Maryland from Maine to Georgia?

19. Which Maryland town claims to be the birthplace of American religious freedom?

20. What popular seasoning, often used on seafood, originated from Maryland?

21. Which Civil Rights leader’s ‘I Have a Dream’ speech was written in Maryland?

22. In which Maryland city is Fort McHenry located?

23. Which Maryland native is known for the television series ‘The Wire’?

24. Which Maryland county is the smallest by land area?

25. What historic National Road starts in Maryland?

26. Which famous jazz singer, known as ‘Lady Day’, was born in Baltimore?

27. What Maryland city is known as the ‘Sailing Capital of the World’?

28. What Maryland bridge-tunnel system spans the Chesapeake Bay?

29. Which US President was born in Cove Point, Maryland?

30. Which National Park in Maryland preserves the battleground of the 1862 Civil War battle?

31. What Maryland festival celebrates the state’s German heritage?

32. Which peninsula is Maryland located on?

33. Which Maryland museum is dedicated to the history of cryptologic research?

34. What popular sport was first played in Maryland?

35. Which Maryland lake is the state’s largest?

36. Which Maryland city is home to a popular renaissance festival?

37. What river forms Maryland’s western border with West Virginia?

38. Which Maryland island is a hub for crabbing industry?

39. What is the highest point in Maryland?

40. Which US Supreme Court decision was based on a case in Baltimore, Maryland?

41. What Maryland stadium is home to the Baltimore Ravens?

42. Which Maryland-born baseball player is known as the ‘Iron Man’?

43. What name is given to the Maryland terrapin mascot?

44. Which Maryland town is known for its colorful row houses?

45. What is the main ingredient in Maryland’s traditional crab cakes?

46. Which Maryland zoo is the third oldest in the US?

47. What bay-side Maryland city is known for its boardwalk?

48. Which famous baseball stadium is located in Baltimore?

49. Which ocean borders Maryland to the east?

50. What Maryland landmark is one of the oldest state houses in the US?

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