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Dive into the heart of the North Star State with this captivating Minnesota trivia collection. From its iconic landmarks and history to cultural quirks and natural wonders, Minnesota boasts a rich tapestry of tales waiting to be told. Whether you’re a Minnesotan at heart or just eager to learn more, these tidbits offer a fascinating glimpse into what makes this state truly unique. Test your knowledge and discover some surprising facts along the way. Let’s embark on this Minnesotan journey!

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1. What is the state flower of Minnesota?

2. Which large mall is located in Bloomington, Minnesota?

3. Minnesota is known as the ‘Land of _______ Lakes.’

4. Which large cereal company originated in Minneapolis?

5. What is the state bird of Minnesota?

6. In which city is the oldest continuously running theater in the state?

7. Which river is the northernmost tributary of the Mississippi?

8. What nickname did Minnesota’s Iron Range get due to its rich iron ore deposits?

9. Which famous singer hailed from Hibbing, Minnesota?

10. Minnesota’s state gemstone is known as what?

11. In which city is the Mayo Clinic based?

12. Who was Minnesota’s first female U.S. Senator?

13. Which Minnesota city is considered the ‘Halloween Capital of the World’?

14. The Jolly Green Giant statue stands in which Minnesota city?

15. Which Minnesota lake holds the title as the ‘Birthplace of Waterskiing’?

16. What’s the state tree of Minnesota?

17. Minnesota’s largest candy store is located near which town?

18. Which state university in Minnesota is the oldest and largest?

19. Who wrote the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series based on her childhood in Minnesota?

20. Which soda was invented in Minnesota in the 1930s?

21. Which major U.S. bank was founded in Minneapolis in 1929?

22. Which Minnesota city claims to be the ‘Ice Fishing Capital of the World’?

23. Which is the southernmost town in Minnesota?

24. What is Minnesota’s official state muffin?

25. Who was the famous aviator born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota?

26. Which famous cartoonist, creator of ‘Peanuts’, was from St. Paul?

27. Minnesota’s International Wolf Center is located in which city?

28. What does the name ‘Minnesota’ mean in Dakota language?

29. Which Minnesota town is known as the ‘Loon Capital of the World’?

30. Which town has a monument dedicated to ‘Babe the Blue Ox’?

31. What is Minnesota’s highest natural point?

32. Which U.S. Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize winner hailed from Minnesota?

33. The SPAM Museum can be found in which Minnesota town?

34. Which event in Minneapolis celebrates the city’s milling history?

35. Which Minneapolis bridge tragically collapsed in 2007?

36. Which Minnesota city has a festival called ‘Whiz Bang Days’?

37. What is Minnesota’s official state mushroom?

38. Which Minnesota national forest is the largest east of the Mississippi River?

39. Which river forms Minnesota’s eastern border with Wisconsin?

40. The Minnesota State Fair is often referred to as what?

41. What is the name of Minnesota’s minor league baseball team?

42. Which was the first indoor shopping mall in the United States?

43. Which Minnesota musician is known for hits like ‘Purple Rain’?

44. Which is the largest lake located entirely within the state of Minnesota?

45. Which Minnesota company is one of the world’s largest producers of sandpaper?

46. In which Minnesota city would you find the historic James J. Hill House?

47. The Minnesota Orchestra performs in which venue?

48. Which city is known as the ‘Root Beer Capital of the World’ due to its annual festival?

49. Which Minnesota city holds an annual ‘Turkey Day’ celebration?

50. Which Minnesota county is the largest by land area?

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