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Rev up your engines, racing enthusiasts! Delve deep into the heart-pounding world of this F1 trivia collection. Whether you’re a seasoned F1 aficionado or just getting familiar with the racetrack’s twists and turns, these questions are sure to test your knowledge and fuel your passion for the sport. From legendary drivers and iconic circuits to memorable moments and technical innovations, strap in and see how well you truly know the exhilarating realm of F1 racing. Ready, set, go!

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1. In which year did Formula 1 racing begin?

2. Which driver has won the most F1 championships?

3. Which team has secured the most Constructors’ Championships?

4. Which circuit is considered the home of British motorsport?

5. What color is the flag used to indicate a slow-moving car on the track?

6. Which country hosted the first-ever night race in F1?

7. How many wheels does a Formula 1 car have?

8. In what year did Ayrton Senna tragically die during a race?

9. Who became the youngest F1 World Champion?

10. Which F1 team is associated with the energy drink Red Bull?

11. Which F1 Grand Prix takes place in the streets of Monte Carlo?

12. Who was nicknamed ‘The Flying Finn’ in the 1980s and 1990s?

13. Which circuit has the longest track length in the F1 calendar?

14. How many races did Michael Schumacher win in his F1 career?

15. Which tire manufacturer returned to F1 in 2011 as the sole supplier?

16. Which F1 driver was nicknamed ‘The Professor’?

17. Which team did Fernando Alonso drive for when he won his two world titles?

18. What nationality is former F1 driver Rubens Barrichello?

19. How many times did Jackie Stewart win the World Championship?

20. What is the maximum RPM of a current F1 car engine?

21. Which team won their first race as a constructor at the 2009 Spanish Grand Prix?

22. Who was the first British F1 World Champion?

23. Which country did Nelson Piquet originate from?

24. Which Grand Prix takes place on an artificial island?

25. Who was Michael Schumacher’s teammate in his 2002 championship-winning season?

26. In which year did Jenson Button win his F1 World Championship?

27. Which team ended Mercedes’ unbeaten run in the hybrid era in 2018?

28. How many F1 races are generally held in a typical season?

29. Which iconic F1 team is associated with the prancing horse logo?

30. What is the primary material used to build F1 car chassis?

31. Which track has the nickname ‘The Temple of Speed’?

32. How many points does a driver get for winning an F1 race?

33. Which driver was world champion in 2016?

34. Which team used a diffuser design in 2009 that caused controversy?

35. Which F1 driver holds the record for the most fastest laps?

36. Which Grand Prix circuit features the famous Eau Rouge corner?

37. Who succeeded Bernie Ecclestone as the CEO of Formula 1?

38. Which driver made the ‘switch’ from McLaren to Mercedes in 2013?

39. In which country is the Circuit of the Americas located?

40. Which F1 team did Niki Lauda drive for when he made his comeback in 1982?

41. Which F1 race is traditionally held on a street circuit since its inception?

42. What engine configuration was predominantly used during the 1990s in F1?

43. Who was the first driver to win an F1 championship for Mercedes in the hybrid era?

44. Which team was the first to introduce a semi-automatic gearbox in F1?

45. Which driver famously clashed with Ayrton Senna at the 1989 Japanese Grand Prix?

46. How many drivers represent each team in a Formula 1 race?

47. What was the main color of the Benetton team’s cars in the 1990s?

48. Which F1 team is known for its energy station paddock building?

49. What did DRS stand for in Formula 1?

50. In which year did Max Verstappen make his F1 debut?

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