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Hello sports enthusiasts! Ready to put your knowledge to the test? Dive into this exciting collection of kids sports trivia questions. From the pitches of soccer to the icy arenas of hockey, these questions cover a wide range of sports loved by kids (and adults!) all over the world. Whether you’re a budding athlete or just a curious sports fan, there’s something here for everyone. So, gear up and let’s see how many you can get right!

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1. In which sport do players slide stones on ice?

2. What color card in soccer indicates a player must leave the game?

3. Which sport uses a shuttlecock?

4. In baseball, how many bases are there on the field?

5. How many players are there in a standard soccer team?

6. Which sport is played on the largest pitch?

7. In which sport can you score a try?

8. Which game is known as the ‘King of Sports’?

9. What is the name of the target in archery?

10. Which sport uses a net, racquets, but is played on a court?

11. In which game would you perform a slam dunk?

12. How many rings make up the Olympic logo?

13. What piece of equipment do cricket players wear to protect their legs?

14. Which sport is played with a puck?

15. Which game has terms like ‘spare’ and ‘strike’?

16. In which sport might you do a flip turn?

17. What sport requires gymnasts to use a piece of apparatus called the pommel horse?

18. In what sport do athletes race in a boat?

19. Which racket sport is played with a hollow rubber ball?

20. Which game is played with a mallet and wooden balls?

21. What is the object hit by the players in golf called?

22. Which sport uses a round bat and a leather ball?

23. In tennis, what term is used when the score is 40-40?

24. Which sport is often referred to as the ‘sweet science’?

25. In which sport can you get an eagle?

26. What is it called when a bowler delivers three strikes in a row in bowling?

27. What sport is played on a diamond-shaped field?

28. Which sport has positions called ‘hooker’ and ‘prop’?

29. In basketball, how many points is a shot from behind the three-point arc worth?

30. In which sport do athletes race over hurdles?

31. What protective gear do fencers wear over their faces?

32. What sport combines skiing and shooting?

33. In what game do players take turns knocking down pins?

34. Which sport involves two teams trying to pull each other over a line?

35. What sport uses a wall and a small rubber ball, played with the hand?

36. Which sport takes place in a ring, where competitors try to push each other out of bounds?

37. In which sport are points scored by touching a metal strip with a thin sword?

38. Which sport involves riding waves on a board?

39. What game is played on a table and involves spinning rods?

40. Which sport involves sliding large stones towards a target?

41. Which sport requires athletes to race on sleds?

42. In which sport might a player do a ‘spike’ over a net?

43. What sport involves jumping over a bar onto a large mat?

44. Which sport requires players to wear skates on a field of ice?

45. In what sport can players perform a maneuver called ‘a header’?

46. In which game do players hit a ball over a high net using their hands?

47. What sport uses an oval ball and is popular in Australia?

48. Which sport has a position called ‘goalkeeper’?

49. In which sport do players wear cleats to help grip the ground?

50. Which sport involves horseback riders navigating a course with jumps?

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