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Lights, camera, action! Welcome to our Movie Trivia Collection, where film enthusiasts and casual moviegoers alike can test their cinematic knowledge. Spanning across genres, decades, and iconic moments, these 49 intriguing questions dive deep into the world of film. Whether you’re a seasoned cinephile or just love a cozy movie night, there’s something here for everyone. Are you ready to see if you’ve been paying attention to the silver screen? Let the trivia begin!

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1. Which movie features a character named Jack Dawson?

2. Who directed ‘Jurassic Park’?

3. What is the name of Simba’s uncle in ‘The Lion King’?

4. In which film does Tom Hanks play a character stranded on an island?

5. Which film features a virtual reality world called ‘The Oasis’?

6. Who voiced the character of Woody in ‘Toy Story’?

7. Which movie franchise has characters named Hermione, Ron, and Harry?

8. Which film was based on a novel by Mario Puzo?

9. Who played the role of Tony Stark in the Marvel movies?

10. In which movie is the main character famously told ‘Here’s looking at you, kid’?

11. What is the subtitle of the second ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie?

12. What is the main sport played in ‘The Blind Side’?

13. What animated movie features a character named Mufasa?

14. Who played the Joker in ‘The Dark Knight’?

15. Which film stars Leonardo DiCaprio as a stockbroker?

16. Who directed the 2009 film ‘Avatar’?

17. Which horror movie features a killer in a white mask?

18. In ‘Star Wars’, who reveals that he is Luke Skywalker’s father?

19. Which movie features a song titled ‘Let It Go’?

20. Who is the director of ‘Inception’?

21. In which famous film is there a love story on a cruise ship?

22. Who plays the main role in ‘John Wick’?

23. What is the main character’s profession in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’?

24. Who won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2002 for her role in ‘Monster’s Ball’?

25. In which film does a boxer named Apollo Creed appear?

26. Which animated film is about a rat who loves to cook?

27. What is the name of the fictional African country in ‘Black Panther’?

28. Who directed ‘Pulp Fiction’?

29. In ‘Forrest Gump’, which kind of company does Forrest start?

30. What is the name of the killer doll in a famous horror movie franchise?

31. Who played the Black Swan in the movie of the same name?

32. Which film features a hacker named Neo?

33. Who plays the title role in ‘Edward Scissorhands’?

34. In which film do characters travel in a DeLorean?

35. What is the name of the fictional island in ‘Jurassic Park’?

36. Who plays the role of Mary Poppins in the 1964 movie?

37. Which movie features a villain named Hans Gruber?

38. What is the title of the theme song from ‘Skyfall’?

39. Who directed the movie ‘Psycho’?

40. Which film features a virtual assistant named Samantha?

41. Which movie is about a young girl’s journey in a fantastical world called ‘The Labyrinth’?

42. Who stars alongside Sylvester Stallone in the ‘Tango & Cash’?

43. In ‘The Princess Bride’, what is the name of the giant?

44. Which movie has the quote ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’?

45. Who voiced the character of Shrek?

46. What is the highest-grossing film of all time, unadjusted for inflation?

47. Which film is about the 1980 U.S. men’s Olympic hockey team?

48. Who played the title character in the 1992 film ‘Aladdin’?

49. Which film features a song titled ‘Circle of Life’?

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