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Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, has a history as rich and varied as the deals on offer! This special day after Thanksgiving has become an annual ritual for shoppers across the globe, but how much do you really know about it? Whether you’re an avid bargain hunter or just a curious soul, dive into these 49 intriguing Black Friday trivia questions and discover some surprising facts about this retail phenomenon. Happy learning, and may you find the deals (and knowledge) you seek!

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1. When did Black Friday first get its name?

2. Which city popularized the term ‘Black Friday’ due to its traffic chaos?

3. Is Black Friday a public holiday in the USA?

4. In which country did Black Friday originate?

5. Which shopping event is often compared to Black Friday in China?

6. What is the Monday following Black Friday known as?

7. How did Black Friday get its name?

8. Which major online retailer promotes Prime Day as an alternative to Black Friday?

9. In what decade did Black Friday become the busiest shopping day of the year?

10. Which UK retailer was one of the first to bring Black Friday to the UK in a big way?

11. In recent years, many stores began Black Friday deals on which day?

12. In which year did Black Friday online sales first surpass $3 billion?

13. Which day is considered the antithesis of Black Friday, encouraging people to shop locally?

14. Which industry often experiences a spike in sales after Black Friday?

15. Do all countries hold Black Friday on the same date?

16. Which global pandemic accelerated the trend of online Black Friday shopping?

17. What is the name for the Tuesday following Cyber Monday, focusing on charitable giving?

18. What is the significance of the color ‘black’ in Black Friday?

19. Which tech product saw record sales on Black Friday 2011?

20. Which city had a major stampede in 2008 leading to multiple injuries on Black Friday?

21. What item is not typically discounted on Black Friday?

22. Which month does Black Friday occur in?

23. In what year did some retailers begin Black Friday sales as early as October?

24. How do many online retailers notify customers of Black Friday deals?

25. How long does the Black Friday sale period typically last?

26. What do many Americans do on the day after Black Friday?

27. In 2019, what percentage of Black Friday shoppers used mobile devices to make purchases?

28. Which state has the highest average Black Friday spending?

29. In 2014, which company’s Black Friday ads were leaked in September?

30. Why did Black Friday 2012 see longer store hours than previous years?

31. Which store had a famous ‘door buster’ deal selling a laptop for less than $200 in 2011?

32. What was the average Black Friday discount across all deals in 2016?

33. In which country did Black Friday become widely recognized after 2010?

34. What percentage of Black Friday deals in 2015 were for electronics?

35. What day of the week does Black Friday always fall on?

36. Which outdoor retailer announced in 2015 it would remain closed on Black Friday?

37. What was a popular toy heavily discounted on Black Friday in 1996?

38. Which credit card is the most used during Black Friday sales?

39. How do some shoppers prepare for in-store Black Friday sales?

40. What was the total online spend on Black Friday 2017 in the US?

41. In 2013, which company used drones as a promotional tactic for Black Friday?

42. Which popular video game console was released right before Black Friday in 2013?

43. How many people, on average, shop during the Black Friday weekend?

44. How many people were estimated to shop online only on Black Friday in 2019?

45. What was a common Black Friday deal for TVs in 2018?

46. In 2019, what was the average amount an individual spent on Black Friday?

47. Which toy was a hit on Black Friday in 1983?

48. Which apparel item often sees significant discounts on Black Friday?

49. What online payment method saw a surge on Black Friday 2020?

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