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Dive deep into the pixelated world of Minecraft with our collection of Minecraft trivia! Whether you’re a seasoned miner or a newbie builder, test your knowledge and discover some fun facts about one of the world’s most beloved sandbox games. Featuring a mix of questions about mobs, biomes, game mechanics, and more, this trivia is the perfect way to see just how well you know the blocks beneath your feet. Ready to get crafting with your knowledge? Let’s begin!

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1. Who is the main developer behind Minecraft?

2. In which year was Minecraft officially released?

3. Which mob explodes when it gets close to the player?

4. What is the name of the alternate dimension filled with Endermen?

5. Which mob drops bones and arrows?

6. Which biome features tall red and brown mushrooms?

7. What do you need to light in order to enter the Nether?

8. Which boss mob is found in the End?

9. What do villagers use to trade with players?

10. Which creature is known for its annoying habit of stealing blocks?

11. What can be used to increase crop growth speed?

12. Which underwater mob will attack with a trident?

13. What mob can be tamed using bones?

14. Which ore is hardest to find because it’s found in the lower depths of the world?

15. What do players need to defeat in order to get the ‘Free the End’ achievement?

16. What do players use to enchant items?

17. Which mob is created when lightning strikes a pig?

18. Which creature can be tamed using raw fish?

19. In which biome would you find packed ice?

20. What do you need to craft in order to store books?

21. What flying mob will spawn if you don’t sleep for several in-game days?

22. Which food item can heal a player the most?

23. Which block emits light when activated?

24. What do you need to harvest in order to get cocoa beans?

25. Which potion makes the player invisible?

26. Which structure is defended by silverfish?

27. What item can be used to play music?

28. What material is needed to craft a beacon?

29. Which item is used to guide pigs when riding them?

30. What type of mob is the ‘Wither’?

31. Which block can be walked through but not seen through?

32. What mob helps the player fend off raiders?

33. What mob is known for its haunting sound and levitation effect?

34. Which item can be worn to prevent Endermen from getting aggressive?

35. Which structure is home to the Pillagers?

36. What do you get when you combine four iron blocks and a pumpkin?

37. Which creature drops slimeballs?

38. What do players use to store large amounts of items in one block?

39. Which biome is home to the Parrot?

40. What is the primary purpose of a Blast Furnace?

41. Which block can change the color of wool and glass?

42. Which ocean mob can be dried out to obtain a decorative block?

43. Which mob turns into a Witch when struck by lightning?

44. Which mob offers the ‘Bad Omen’ effect when defeated?

45. Which non-hostile mob can be ridden in the water?

46. What tool is best used to mine Obsidian?

47. What in-game event brings waves of hostile mobs attacking a village?

48. Which mob can be ridden with a saddle and leaps over blocks?

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