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As we usher in another year, it’s fascinating to realize how different cultures celebrate this momentous occasion. From unique customs to age-old traditions, the world is filled with incredible ways to ring in the New Year. In this New Years trivia post, we’ve compiled 50 intriguing questions that will take you on a journey through global New Year’s celebrations. Test your knowledge, learn something new, and immerse yourself in the diverse and wonderful ways people commemorate the start of a new year. Ready to dive in? Let’s get started!

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1. In which country is it a tradition to jump off a chair at midnight on New Year’s Eve?

2. Which country celebrates New Year’s Day on April 14?

3. What fruit is traditionally eaten in Spain at the stroke of midnight, one for each chime of the clock?

4. Which culture’s New Year celebration is known as ‘Songkran’ and involves water fights?

5. In ancient Rome, the New Year was celebrated in which month?

6. Which country’s New Year’s tradition includes bell ringing 108 times?

7. Which country popularized the song ‘Auld Lang Syne’?

8. What does ‘Auld Lang Syne’ translate to?

9. In what country might you hear the phrase ‘Gott Nytt År’ for New Year’s?

10. In the Southern US, consuming what food on New Year’s Day is considered to bring prosperity?

11. Which city in Australia is famous for its New Year’s Eve fireworks display?

12. The Chinese New Year is also known as what?

13. In which country might you find a ‘First-Footing’ tradition on New Year’s?

14. On what date does the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, usually occur?

15. What is the traditional New Year’s gift in Greece?

16. In Brazil, what color do many people wear for New Year’s for good luck?

17. Which country celebrates New Year by throwing furniture out of the window?

18. Which animal represents the first year in the Chinese zodiac?

19. Which famous American event took place on January 1, 1863?

20. Which island nation celebrates both the Western New Year and a traditional Polynesian New Year?

21. What does the ‘Baby New Year’ traditionally wear?

22. In Italy, wearing what color underwear is considered to bring luck in the New Year?

23. Which Roman god, associated with beginnings and transitions, has January named after him?

24. In Turkey, what is smashed for good luck on New Year’s?

25. Which country was the last in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve due to its time zone?

26. Which Asian country celebrates New Year’s with the Water Festival in April?

27. In Colombia, carrying what around on New Year’s Eve is believed to ensure a year of travel?

28. Which mountainous European country celebrates New Year’s by dropping an icicle into a drink?

29. In what country might you find ‘Soba’ eaten on New Year’s Eve to ensure longevity?

30. Which country celebrates New Year with a traditional soup called ‘Ddeokguk’?

31. Where was the first recorded festival celebrating the New Year?

32. Which Latin American country rings in the New Year by eating 12 grapes at midnight?

33. In Finland, what is melted and then quickly cooled to predict the upcoming year?

34. What large European country celebrates New Year’s Eve with ‘Silvester’?

35. What name is given to the night of December 31 in Scotland?

36. Which popular New Year’s resolution activity burns approximately 400 calories an hour?

37. What is the primary color for decorations in the Chinese New Year?

38. What is traditionally done with old calendars in Japan after the New Year?

39. In which country is New Year’s Eve known as ‘Saint Sylvester’s Day’?

40. Which creature is said to descend in Times Square to mark New Year’s in New York?

41. What noise-making device is commonly used in the Philippines to drive away evil spirits on New Year’s?

42. Which country celebrates the New Year with the ‘Feast of Mary, Mother of God’?

43. In Romania, what is thrown into the river for good luck on New Year’s?

44. Which country celebrates New Year with fireworks at the iconic Eiffel Tower?

45. What fruit do many in the Philippines display on New Year’s for prosperity?

46. In Denmark, what is built and then smashed on New Year’s to banish bad spirits?

47. In which city would you find a New Year’s tradition involving a live possum drop?

48. Which European country believes an old woman named ‘Befana’ brings gifts on New Year’s?

49. In Bolivia, what color underwear do people wear for good fortune in the New Year?

50. Which Central American country celebrates New Year with effigies called ‘Año Viejo’?

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