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Welcome to our Chinese New Year trivia questions and answers post! As we usher in the Lunar New Year, it’s a wonderful opportunity to explore and celebrate the rich traditions, customs, and symbols associated with this vibrant festival. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is steeped in centuries of history and is celebrated by millions of people around the world.

From the iconic red envelopes and sumptuous reunion dinners to the majestic dragon dances and the ringing of firecrackers, each tradition holds a special meaning and brings its own unique flavor to the festivities. So gather your friends and family, and get ready to embark on a fascinating journey through the customs and lore of one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. Let the trivia begin!

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1. Which animal is not part of the Chinese Zodiac?

2. What is the traditional Chinese New Year greeting?

3. Which color is considered lucky?

4. What food symbolizes wealth and prosperity?

5. What does the dragon represent in the New Year parade?

6. Which flower symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings?

7. What is the significance of red envelopes?

8. What is another name for Chinese New Year?

9. Which city is renowned for its Lantern Festival?

10. What activity is common on Chinese New Year’s Eve?

11. What is used to scare away evil spirits?

12. Who is the God of Wealth?

13. What does cleaning the house symbolize?

14. What traditional dance is performed?

15. Which city hosts a famous Ice Festival?

16. What cake is eaten for a higher income or position?

17. What does the first visitor of the year bring?

18. What do children receive in red envelopes?

19. What does eating fish symbolize?

20. Which fruit represents fullness and wealth?

21. What zodiac sign was the year 2020?

22. What sticky cake symbolizes a rich life?

23. What does staying up late on New Year’s Eve symbolize?

24. Why are sharp objects avoided?

25. What symbolizes a fresh start?

26. Which plant represents stability and growth?

27. What is hung upside down for fortune?

28. What dessert signifies family unity?

29. What vegetable symbolizes wealth?

30. Which game involves guessing riddles?

31. What symbolizes the coming of spring?

32. What traditional craft involves folding paper?

33. Which nut is eaten for intelligence?

34. What do long noodles represent?

35. What does the color gold symbolize?

36. What item is cleaned to welcome the deities?

37. What symbolizes sweeping away the old?

38. Which bird represents longevity and happiness?

39. What is given to express love and best wishes?

40. What dish is shared to symbolize togetherness?

41. Which candy symbolizes a sweet life?

42. What is written on red banners?

43. What symbolizes protection and strength?

44. Which flower stands for purity and peace?

45. What is avoided to prevent luck from escaping?

46. What gesture shows respect to ancestors?

47. Which tea is favored for its cleansing properties?

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