Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia

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Celebrate the vibrant and rich history of Hispanic culture with this engaging Hispanic Heritage Month Trivia. From renowned artists to pivotal moments in history, these questions span across the diverse tapestry of Hispanic heritage. Whether you’re a trivia enthusiast or someone eager to learn more about the Hispanic world, this list promises both challenge and enlightenment. Dive in and test your knowledge!

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1. In which year was Hispanic Heritage Month first celebrated?

2. Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 because it is the independence day of which countries?

3. Which U.S. president first introduced National Hispanic Heritage Week?

4. What was the initial duration before it was expanded to a month?

5. Mexico, Chile, and which other country celebrate their independence days during this month?

6. What is the primary language spoken by the majority of Hispanic countries?

7. Which U.S. state has the largest Hispanic population?

8. What percentage of the U.S. population identifies as Hispanic or Latino as of 2020?

9. What term describes someone from Spain?

10. Which famous artist painted ‘Guernica’, depicting the tragedies of war?

11. Which Hispanic actress won an Academy Award for ‘West Side Story’?

12. What is the world’s second most spoken language by number of native speakers?

13. What popular dance originated in the Dominican Republic?

14. Which famous Hispanic writer is known for ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’?

15. Who is the Mexican artist known for her self-portraits and works inspired by nature?

16. In which city is ‘El Museo del Barrio’, dedicated to Latin American and Caribbean art?

17. Which instrument is central to Mariachi music?

18. What is the name of the Mexican holiday that celebrates the deceased?

19. Which popular dish consists of avocado, lime, onion, and other ingredients?

20. Which is the most populated Hispanic country?

21. Which river serves as a natural border between the U.S. and Mexico?

22. Which Hispanic explorer is credited with discovering Florida?

23. Which U.S. city hosts the San Antonio Fiesta every year?

24. What is the Spanish word for ‘hello’?

25. Which sport is particularly popular throughout Hispanic countries, especially in Spain?

26. Which island country is known for its distinct form of Spanish and is a U.S. territory?

27. Who is the renowned Argentine revolutionary depicted in the ‘Che’ posters?

28. What mountain range stretches across much of South America?

29. Which award-winning Colombian singer sang ‘Hips Don’t Lie’?

30. In what Mexican peninsula is Cancun located?

31. What does ‘Cinco de Mayo’ commemorate?

32. Which ocean borders the west coast of South America?

33. What is the traditional Mexican hat called?

34. Which Hispanic author wrote ‘The House on Mango Street’?

35. What is the primary religion in most Hispanic countries?

36. Which desert covers a large part of northern Mexico?

37. Who is the Spanish tennis player with numerous Grand Slam titles?

38. Which city is known as the ‘Paris of South America’?

39. Which two colors are common in most Hispanic national flags?

40. Which spicy pepper is a staple in many Hispanic cuisines?

41. Which dance style originated in Argentina?

42. Which country is home to the Galápagos Islands?

43. What is the capital of Brazil?

44. Which South American country is landlocked?

45. Which Hispanic actress starred in ‘Modern Family’?

46. What mountain in the Andes is the highest peak in South America?

47. Which famous Hispanic singer is known as the ‘King of Latin Pop’?

48. Which country in Central America is known for its canal?

49. Which dish made of minced raw fish, typically marinated in citrus juice, is popular in Latin America?

50. What famous dance festival takes place annually in Brazil?

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