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Welcome to this engaging and informative Wisconsin trivia post! Whether you’re a resident of the Badger State, a curious traveler, or just someone looking to expand your knowledge, this trivia collection is perfect for you. From state symbols and history to famous landmarks and cultural contributions, these 50 trivia questions cover a wide array of topics that capture the essence of Wisconsin. So, go ahead and test your knowledge. You just might learn something new about this fascinating U.S. state!

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1. What is the state capital of Wisconsin?

2. What is the state bird of Wisconsin?

3. What is the state flower of Wisconsin?

4. What is Wisconsin’s nickname?

5. What is the largest city in Wisconsin?

6. Which Great Lake borders Wisconsin?

7. What is the state motto of Wisconsin?

8. Which river forms the border between Wisconsin and Minnesota?

9. In what year did Wisconsin become a state?

10. What is the main industry of Wisconsin?

11. What is Wisconsin famous for producing?

12. What is the state dance of Wisconsin?

13. What is Wisconsin’s highest natural point?

14. What is the state fish of Wisconsin?

15. Who is the most famous magician born in Appleton, Wisconsin?

16. What university is located in Madison, Wisconsin?

17. In what year was the Green Bay Packers football team founded?

18. Which Native American tribe is native to Wisconsin?

19. What is the state animal of Wisconsin?

20. What Wisconsin city is known as the ‘Beer Capital of the World’?

21. Which U.S. Senator represented Wisconsin from 1957 to 1989?

22. What is the state tree of Wisconsin?

23. What is Wisconsin’s state insect?

24. What Wisconsin city is known for its water parks?

25. Which famous architect was born in Richland Center, Wisconsin?

26. What is the name of the NFL team based in Green Bay, Wisconsin?

27. Which Wisconsin county is the largest by land area?

28. What major river flows through Wisconsin?

29. What is Wisconsin’s state domesticated animal?

30. What is the state mineral of Wisconsin?

31. Which Wisconsin city is known as the ‘Bratwurst Capital of the World’?

32. What is the state beverage of Wisconsin?

33. Who was the first European explorer to map parts of Wisconsin?

34. What is the state dog of Wisconsin?

35. In what year was the Wisconsin State Capitol building completed?

36. What is the legal minimum butterfat content for cheese made in Wisconsin?

37. Which Wisconsin city is famous for its paper industry?

38. What is the state soil of Wisconsin?

39. Who is the fictional character created as a symbol of environmentalism in Wisconsin?

40. Which museum in Milwaukee is famous for its modern architecture?

41. What annual event is held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, that attracts aviation enthusiasts?

42. Which Wisconsin city is famous for being a center of the American Socialist movement in the early 20th century?

43. What is the state rock of Wisconsin?

44. What is the state grain of Wisconsin?

45. What Wisconsin city is home to the World’s Largest Six-Pack?

46. What was the first public radio station to broadcast in Wisconsin?

47. Which Wisconsin city was the birthplace of the Republican Party?

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