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Dive into the rich history, culture, and quirks of The City of Brotherly Love with this collection of Philadelphia trivia. From historical landmarks to iconic film moments, there’s something here for everyone. Whether you’re a local Philadelphian looking to test your knowledge or a curious traveler eager to learn more about this storied city, we’ve got you covered. Ready to explore? Let’s get started!

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1. What is Philadelphia’s nickname?

2. Which famous U.S. document was signed in Philadelphia in 1776?

3. Which river flows along Philadelphia’s eastern edge?

4. What is the iconic sandwich associated with Philadelphia?

5. In which building was the U.S. Constitution debated and signed?

6. Which Philadelphia-founded university claims to be the first university in the USA?

7. Who is the famous Philadelphian known for his experiments with electricity?

8. Which large park is located in the northwest part of Philadelphia?

9. What’s the name of the famous stairs that movie character Rocky Balboa climbs?

10. Which annual event in Philadelphia is known as the world’s oldest relay meet?

11. What annual celebration marks the New Year in Philadelphia with a unique parade?

12. What Philadelphian fictional character is known for his pursuit of ‘The American Dream’?

13. Which museum in Philadelphia houses the ‘Liberty Bell’?

14. Who founded Philadelphia in 1682?

15. What gridiron pattern did Philadelphia’s founder use as a model for the city’s streets?

16. Which prison, considered America’s first true penitentiary, can be toured in Philadelphia?

17. Which Philadelphia arena is home to the city’s NBA team?

18. The main campus of which Ivy League institution is located in Philadelphia?

19. What skyscraper, completed in 1987, was the first to break a certain gentleman’s agreement about height?

20. In what year was Philadelphia founded?

21. Which street in Philadelphia is famous for its continuously inhabited colonial houses?

22. Which zoo, opened in 1874, claims to be the first in America?

23. What Philadelphia building is found on the reverse side of the U.S. $100 bill?

24. Which annual event commemorates the day British soldiers left Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War?

25. What large annual flower event has been held in Philadelphia since 1829?

26. Which famous treat, consisting of ice cream between two cookies, was first created in Philadelphia?

27. What do the initials ‘LOVE’ stand for in Philadelphia’s iconic LOVE sculpture?

28. Which historical event took place at Philadelphia’s Carpenter’s Hall in 1774?

29. Which famous boxer called Philadelphia his hometown?

30. Which street in Philadelphia is known as the city’s main shopping district?

31. In which century was Philadelphia briefly the U.S. capital?

32. What type of architecture is the Philadelphia City Hall known for?

33. Who sculpted the famous statue of William Penn that stands atop Philadelphia’s City Hall?

34. Which U.S. Founding Father’s house can you visit in Philadelphia?

35. What famous hip-hop duo originated from Philadelphia?

36. Which Philadelphia service, established in 1731, was the first of its kind in the colonies?

37. What iconic snack, originally introduced in 1884, is known as ‘Philadelphia’s Caramel Popcorn’?

38. Which 37-foot bronze statue represents the city’s sports fans?

39. Which iconic food market has been operating in Philadelphia since 1892?

40. What is the name of Philadelphia’s major daily newspaper?

41. Which theater, opened in 1908, is known as the oldest continuously operating movie theater in the USA?

42. Which island in Philadelphia is a popular spot for concerts and festivals?

43. What garden in Philadelphia features a collection of sculptures and architectural structures?

44. Which neighborhood in Philadelphia is known for its Italian influence?

45. What narrow Philadelphia thoroughfare claims to be the oldest inhabited residential street in the U.S.?

46. What historic ship, launched in 1892, is docked permanently in Philadelphia?

47. Which park in Philadelphia serves as the centerpiece of the city’s Park System?

48. Which annual sporting event, beginning in 1920, is a two-mile boat race held on the Schuylkill River?

49. In which Philadelphia museum can you find a large collection of post-Impressionist and early modern paintings?

50. What is the name of the iconic Philadelphia museum steps used in a famous movie scene?

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