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Dive into the rich history, culture, and geography of the Great Lakes State with our Michigan Trivia. From iconic landmarks to famous residents, test your knowledge and discover fascinating facts about this unique state. Whether you’re a Michigan native or just a curious enthusiast, there’s something here for everyone. Ready to embark on a journey through Michigan’s vibrant tapestry? Let’s get started!

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1. What is the capital city of Michigan?

2. What large body of fresh water borders Michigan to the north?

3. In which city is the University of Michigan primarily located?

4. What automobile company was founded in Detroit in 1903?

5. Which fruit is Michigan the leading U.S. producer of?

6. What is the nickname for the Mackinac Bridge?

7. What is the state bird of Michigan?

8. Which peninsula is known for its copper mines, the Upper or Lower?

9. What popular soda was first developed in Michigan in 1866?

10. In which Michigan city is the Gerald R. Ford Museum located?

11. What island, located between the Upper and Lower peninsulas, bans most motor vehicles?

12. Which city is commonly referred to as the ‘Cereal City’ due to its breakfast cereal history?

13. What is the largest city in Michigan?

14. Michigan is often referred to as the ‘_____ State’ because of its shape.

15. What is the official state flower of Michigan?

16. Which Michigan city is famous for its Dutch heritage and annual tulip festival?

17. In which city would you find the Detroit Lions’ football stadium?

18. What river connects Lake Huron to Lake Erie?

19. Which popular musician is from the Michigan city of Saginaw?

20. What annual Detroit event celebrates the city’s automotive heritage?

21. What Michigan city is known for its ski resorts and cherries?

22. What peninsula is Michigan Technological University located on?

23. What forest covers a large portion of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula?

24. Which Michigan lake is the second largest and boasts over 11,000 inland lakes?

25. What is the name of the famous Detroit theater that has a marquee shaped like a huge red devil?

26. Which city is considered the gateway to the Upper Peninsula?

27. Which famous magician is buried in Detroit?

28. What Michigan city is known as the ‘Furniture City’?

29. What is the name of the Michigan island that is the largest island on Lake Superior?

30. Which automobile industry pioneer called Michigan his home?

31. What Michigan town is known as the ‘Magic Capital of the World’?

32. What Michigan stadium is one of the largest college football stadiums in the U.S.?

33. Which famous civil rights activist grew up in Lansing?

34. What two colors represent the University of Michigan?

35. What Upper Peninsula town is home to the Michigan Iron Industry Museum?

36. What is the highest point in Michigan?

37. What is the state stone of Michigan?

38. Which Michigan zoo is one of the oldest in the U.S.?

39. What is the state fish of Michigan?

40. Which Michigan city is home to the annual National Cherry Festival?

41. Which Michigan avenue is known for its automotive history?

42. What body of water lies between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas?

43. Which Michigan county is the only one that touches four of the five Great Lakes?

44. What is the name of Michigan’s longest river?

45. In what year did Michigan become a state?

46. Which Michigan city is home to the ‘Art Coast of Michigan’?

47. Who was the famous aviator from Detroit that broke the transcontinental air speed record?

48. Which famous boxer, known as ‘The Brown Bomber’, was from Detroit?

49. What popular winter activity takes place at the Bon Soo Winter Carnival in Sault Ste. Marie?

50. Which lake is the largest freshwater island lake in the U.S.?

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