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Welcome to this engaging collection of Connecticut trivia! Whether you’re a lifelong resident of the Nutmeg State, a recent transplant, or just curious about this historically rich state, this list is sure to entertain and inform. From questions about Connecticut’s capital and famous landmarks to its role in American history and unique state symbols, there’s something here for everyone to learn. So, buckle up and let’s explore 50 interesting trivia questions that will expand your knowledge of Connecticut. Enjoy!

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1. What is the capital of Connecticut?

2. Which U.S. President was born in Connecticut?

3. What is Connecticut’s state bird?

4. What is Connecticut’s state flower?

5. What is the nickname of Connecticut?

6. In what year did Connecticut become a state?

7. Which river runs through Connecticut?

8. What is the largest city in Connecticut?

9. Which Native American tribe originally inhabited Connecticut?

10. Who was Connecticut’s first governor?

11. What is the state motto of Connecticut?

12. What is the official state song of Connecticut?

13. Which Ivy League university is located in Connecticut?

14. What is Connecticut’s highest peak?

15. What fruit is Connecticut famous for?

16. In which county is Hartford located?

17. What is the state insect of Connecticut?

18. Which U.S. Naval submarine base is located in Connecticut?

19. Which famous American author lived in Hartford?

20. What is Connecticut’s state mineral?

21. What is Connecticut’s state fish?

22. Which Connecticut city is known as the ‘Insurance Capital of the World’?

23. Which famous showman had a mansion in Bridgeport?

24. What is Connecticut’s state shellfish?

25. What is Connecticut’s state mammal?

26. Which Revolutionary War event took place in Danbury?

27. Which is the oldest public library in the United States?

28. Which river forms the boundary between Connecticut and Rhode Island?

29. What is Connecticut’s state dance?

30. Which children’s author hailed from Connecticut?

31. Which Connecticut town is considered the birthplace of the hamburger?

32. What is the state fossil of Connecticut?

33. In which Connecticut town is the U.S. Coast Guard Academy located?

34. Which Connecticut city is famous for its maritime history?

35. Which composer, known for his ragtime music, is from Connecticut?

36. Which famous Revolutionary War traitor was from Connecticut?

37. Which Connecticut city was once the center of the American clock-making industry?

38. Which battle during the Revolutionary War was fought in Connecticut?

39. Who was the inventor of the cotton gin?

40. Which famous actress, known for her role in ‘Gone with the Wind’, was born in Connecticut?

41. What is Connecticut’s state tree?

42. Which famous American Impressionist artist resided in Connecticut?

43. Which Connecticut university is known for its School of Law?

44. What’s the state animal of Connecticut?

45. What Connecticut town is home to ESPN headquarters?

46. Which public health pioneer, known for promoting handwashing, was born in Connecticut?

47. Which Connecticut city was the birthplace of the Frisbee?

48. What is the state beverage of Connecticut?

49. Which Connecticut town was the setting for the TV show ‘Gilmore Girls’?

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