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Ah, Milwaukee—a city renowned for its breweries, vibrant cultural festivals, and stunning architecture. But how well do you truly know the “Cream City”? Whether you’re a native, a transplant, or even just someone with an interest in this fascinating Midwestern city, we’ve compiled 50 intriguing Milwaukee trivia questions to challenge your knowledge.

From sports and history to art and food, this trivia quiz covers an array of topics to keep you engaged and learning. So grab your favorite Milwaukee brew (or root beer, for the non-drinkers), and let’s get started. How many of these questions can you answer correctly?

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1. What is Milwaukee famous for?

2. Which lake is Milwaukee situated on?

3. Which Native American tribes originally inhabited the Milwaukee area?

4. When was Milwaukee founded?

5. What is the name of Milwaukee’s NBA team?

6. What is the annual festival that celebrates Milwaukee’s German heritage?

7. What’s the main ingredient in a traditional Milwaukee fish fry?

8. Which museum in Milwaukee has a ‘wing-like’ structure that opens and closes?

9. Who is the famous motorcycle manufacturer based in Milwaukee?

10. What is the nickname for Milwaukee?

11. Which famous beer company originated in Milwaukee?

12. What is the state flower of Wisconsin, the state in which Milwaukee is located?

13. Which river runs through downtown Milwaukee?

14. What popular 70s TV show was set in Milwaukee?

15. What is Milwaukee’s MLB team called?

16. Which university is based in Milwaukee?

17. What type of architecture is the Basilica of St. Josaphat known for?

18. Who was the famous socialist mayor of Milwaukee?

19. What is the Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory commonly known as?

20. Which famous architect designed the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church in Milwaukee?

21. What major event does Milwaukee host every summer related to motorcycles?

22. What large music festival is held in Milwaukee every year?

23. What public market in the Historic Third Ward is inspired by a European-style market?

24. What’s the highest natural point in Milwaukee?

25. What’s the name of Milwaukee’s professional soccer team?

26. Which fruit is celebrated annually at a festival in Milwaukee?

27. Which famous Milwaukee building was once the tallest habitable building in the world?

28. Which famous American aviator was born in Milwaukee?

29. What is Milwaukee’s primary airport?

30. What festival celebrates Milwaukee’s Polish heritage?

31. What is the specialty sausage commonly associated with Milwaukee?

32. Which ethnic community is the focus of the Festa Italiana festival?

33. What is the largest park in Milwaukee?

34. What famous children’s author was born in Milwaukee?

35. Which animal is the symbol of the Milwaukee County Zoo?

36. Which Milwaukee park is famous for its botanical gardens?

37. Which war memorial in Milwaukee was designed by Eero Saarinen?

38. What is the name of the Milwaukee theatre that’s one of the oldest continually operating movie palaces?

39. Which famous guitar manufacturer was founded in Milwaukee?

40. Which Milwaukee institute focuses on design and technology?

41. What annual event is held at the Henry Maier Festival Park?

42. What is Milwaukee’s oldest craft brewery?

43. What bird is the symbol of the Milwaukee Bucks?

44. Which Milwaukee bridge is known for its ‘Spider Legs’?

45. Which Milwaukee church is known for its intricate wood carvings and gold leaf?

46. What popular dish at Milwaukee festivals consists of deep-fried cheese?

47. Which Milwaukee building holds the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest four-sided clock?

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