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Welcome to this exciting journey through the fascinating world of Minneapolis trivia! Whether you’re a lifelong resident, a new transplant, or simply curious about this vibrant city, we’ve got a collection of questions that will test your knowledge and perhaps teach you something new. From the city’s iconic landmarks to its cultural significance, local cuisine, and even the figures that put Minneapolis on the map—get ready to dive deep into the “City of Lakes.” Are you ready? Let’s get started!

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1. What is the name of the largest lake in Minneapolis?

2. In which year did the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse?

3. Which university has its main campus in Minneapolis?

4. What is the nickname of Minneapolis?

5. Which iconic flour brand has its roots in Minneapolis?

6. What is the name of the river that runs through Minneapolis?

7. Which famous musician was born in Minneapolis?

8. What is the tallest building in Minneapolis?

9. Which two cities are known as the ‘Twin Cities’?

10. What popular mall is located near Minneapolis?

11. Which baseball team calls Minneapolis home?

12. Which American newspaper is based in Minneapolis?

13. What type of cuisine is served at the Jucy Lucy restaurant?

14. What is the name of the sculpture garden in Minneapolis?

15. Which lake in Minneapolis is famous for its chain of islands?

16. In what year was Minneapolis founded?

17. What is the population of Minneapolis as of the 2020 Census?

18. Which biking trail in Minneapolis is considered one of the best in the U.S.?

19. What is the official bird of Minneapolis?

20. What is the state flower of Minnesota, which is also common in Minneapolis?

21. Which famous fictional TV character is said to be from Minneapolis?

22. What is the name of the annual state fair held near Minneapolis?

23. What is the average snowfall in Minneapolis?

24. What was the original name of Target Corporation, which is headquartered in Minneapolis?

25. What is the name of Minneapolis’ light rail system?

26. What is the Minneapolis neighborhood known for its art scene?

27. Which bridge in Minneapolis is famous for its multicolored LED lights?

28. What is the distance between Minneapolis and its twin city, St. Paul?

29. Which animal is prominently featured at the Minneapolis Institute of Art?

30. What is the name of Minneapolis’ largest park?

31. What is the name of the river gorge in Minneapolis?

32. What is the famous theater for performing arts in Minneapolis?

33. What famous retail store was first opened in Minneapolis in 1962?

34. What is the name of the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium?

35. Which Minneapolis avenue is famous for its food scene?

36. What does the name ‘Minneapolis’ mean?

37. Which iconic building in Minneapolis was once the world’s largest flour mill?

38. What festival celebrates the start of spring in Minneapolis?

39. What is the annual LGBTQ+ event hosted in Minneapolis?

40. What is the name of the contemporary art museum in Minneapolis?

41. Which major interstate highways intersect in Minneapolis?

42. What is the name of the iconic spoon and cherry sculpture?

43. How many lakes are within the city limits of Minneapolis?

44. Which Minneapolis park is famous for its rose garden?

45. What popular winter activity takes place on Lake Nokomis?

46. Which famous American author lived in Minneapolis?

47. What is the name of Minneapolis’ famous waterfall?

48. What is the main shopping street in downtown Minneapolis?

49. Which international airport serves Minneapolis?

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