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Welcome to the heart and soul of America’s South: New Orleans! Famous for its jazz rhythms, Mardi Gras celebrations, and mouth-watering Creole and Cajun cuisines, this city boasts a rich history that’s as colorful as its streets. Whether you’ve strolled down the French Quarter or are planning your first trip to The Big Easy, test your knowledge with these fascinating New Orleans trivia questions. How well do you know the unique blend of cultures, flavors, and sounds that define New Orleans? Dive in and find out!

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1. What is the official slogan of New Orleans?

2. Which iconic sandwich is said to have originated in New Orleans?

3. In which famous street can you find many jazz clubs in New Orleans?

4. Which French festival is celebrated with grandeur in New Orleans?

5. Which body of water is New Orleans situated next to?

6. What is the name of the famous above-ground cemeteries in the city?

7. In what year was New Orleans founded?

8. By which country was New Orleans founded?

9. What architectural style dominates the French Quarter?

10. Which dish, made of rice, meat, and vegetables, is a New Orleans specialty?

11. Which lake borders New Orleans to the north?

12. Which hurricane caused significant damage to New Orleans in 2005?

13. What’s the main ingredient in a traditional gumbo soup?

14. Which park in New Orleans is one of the oldest urban parks in the US?

15. What is the name of New Orleans’ NFL team?

16. What kind of music originated in New Orleans in the early 20th century?

17. Which New Orleans dessert is a deep-fried pastry often dusted with powdered sugar?

18. What’s the name of the historic open-air market in New Orleans?

19. Which novelist, known for ‘The Moviegoer’, is a native of New Orleans?

20. In which war was the Battle of New Orleans fought?

21. Which riverboat captain is a folklore hero in New Orleans?

22. Which museum in the city focuses on World War II?

23. Which cocktail, made of rye whiskey and bitters, was created in New Orleans?

24. By which name is the New Orleans’ tram service known?

25. In what neighborhood can you find many grand mansions and ancient oak trees?

26. What popular dance music style emerged in New Orleans in the late 20th century?

27. Which avenue is the primary parade route during Mardi Gras?

28. Which university in New Orleans is renowned for its research?

29. What is the name of the bridge connecting New Orleans to the West Bank?

30. In which New Orleans museum can you learn about the history of jazz?

31. What spicy sausage is commonly found in New Orleans cuisine?

32. Which cocktail, made with rum and fruit juices, is named after a French weapon?

33. What is the primary religion in New Orleans due to its French roots?

34. Which famous pirate played a crucial role in the Battle of New Orleans?

35. Which voodoo queen is a prominent figure in New Orleans folklore?

36. What is the famous race track that hosts the Louisiana Derby?

37. What major US music festival takes place annually in New Orleans?

38. Which insect is often associated with the swamps around New Orleans?

39. Which New Orleans neighborhood is known for its bohemian atmosphere and artistic community?

40. What dessert is made from bread soaked in a mixture and often contains whiskey or rum?

41. Which famous trumpet player hails from New Orleans?

42. In which ward did the Mardi Gras Indian tradition originate?

43. What dish consists of a whole roast pig and is often served at celebrations?

44. Which popular New Orleans event takes place in the lead-up to Lent?

45. What’s the name of the haunted house in the French Quarter with a history of cruelty?

46. What musical instrument is central to New Orleans’ second-line parades?

47. What zoo, located in Uptown New Orleans, is home to numerous exotic animals?

48. Which drink, made from anise, turns milky when water is added?

49. Which cemetery contains the alleged tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau?

50. Which historic New Orleans hotel is said to be haunted by a former guest?

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