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Delve deep into the heart of Orlando, Florida, known not just for its world-renowned theme parks, but also for its rich history, culture, and vibrancy. Whether you’re an Orlando native, a frequent visitor, or just curious about this iconic city, this Orlando Trivia set promises to challenge and inform. From sports to science and theme parks to theaters, embark on a trivia journey through “The City Beautiful” and discover facets of Orlando you never knew before. Ready to test your knowledge? Let’s dive in!

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1. In which state is Orlando located?

2. Which popular theme park features a castle called Cinderella Castle?

3. What is the name of the annual film festival held in Orlando?

4. In what year did Orlando’s NBA team, the Magic, play their inaugural season?

5. Which large lake is located in downtown Orlando?

6. What’s the name of Orlando’s international airport?

7. Which famous astronaut-themed attraction can be found near Orlando?

8. What species of bird is represented by a famous statue in Lake Eola?

9. Which theme park in Orlando focuses primarily on marine life and shows?

10. What name is given to the group of themed parks that includes Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios?

11. In which decade did Disney World open in Orlando?

12. What is the tallest roller coaster in Orlando as of 2021?

13. Which annual event in Orlando celebrates art, science, and technology?

14. Which historic neighborhood in Orlando is known for its brick streets and lakes?

15. Orlando’s soccer team that plays in the MLS is known as?

16. Which museum in Orlando is dedicated to the history and art of the region?

17. Which tropical water park in Orlando offers guests the chance to relax on sandy beaches?

18. What is the name of the science center located in Orlando?

19. Which performing arts venue in Orlando hosts Broadway shows, ballets, and operas?

20. What is the name of Orlando’s main shopping and entertainment district downtown?

21. Which zoo and botanical garden in Sanford showcases Central Florida’s native plants and animals?

22. Which upscale neighborhood in Orlando is known for its lakeside mansions?

23. What famous road stretches for 14.5 miles through Orlando and is known for its shops and restaurants?

24. Which park in Orlando is themed around a virtual universe?

25. What historical landmark in Orlando is the oldest house in the city?

26. Which iconic Orlando attraction takes guests on a journey around the world in a hot air balloon?

27. In which month is the Orlando Carnival Downtown Festival typically held?

28. Which Orlando hotel is famous for its 18-hole golf course and spa?

29. What type of creature is the focus of Gatorland, a wildlife park in Orlando?

30. Which Orlando attraction allows guests to experience skydiving in a vertical wind tunnel?

31. Which 400-foot wheel provides panoramic views of Orlando?

32. What is the name of Orlando’s professional women’s soccer team?

33. Which annual Orlando event celebrates books and literature?

34. Which Orlando district is known for its bohemian culture and night markets?

35. What is the name of the large, outdoor shopping and entertainment complex in Walt Disney World Resort?

36. Which lake in Orlando is known for its urban public park and pedal boats?

37. Which botanical garden in Orlando features tropical and semi-tropical plants?

38. In Orlando, where can you find a replica of Hogwarts Castle?

39. Which theater in Orlando is known for hosting independent films and live events?

40. What multi-use trail in Orlando is popular for cycling, jogging, and walking?

41. Which Orlando event, usually in November, celebrates the LGBTQ+ community?

42. What is the official nickname for the city of Orlando?

43. Which Orlando water park has a wave pool that can produce surfable waves?

44. In which Orlando attraction can you find an African safari experience?

45. Which historic house museum in Orlando showcases the life of a 19th-century citrus magnate?

46. Which Orlando-based university is the largest in terms of enrollment in Florida?

47. What is the primary color of the Orlando Magic’s home jerseys?

48. Which Orlando museum is dedicated to the legacy of the Titanic?

49. What massive expo center in Orlando hosts numerous conventions and events?

50. Which district in Orlando is known for its upscale dining and shopping?

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