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Dive deep into the heart of Arizona’s capital with this intriguing Phoenix trivia! Phoenix, often referred to as the “Valley of the Sun,” is not only a vibrant urban center but also a city rich in history, culture, and surprises. From its sports teams and desert landscapes to its artistic corners and historical landmarks, there’s a lot to uncover. Test your knowledge or simply learn something new about this sun-soaked city with our curated set of 50 fascinating Phoenix trivia questions and answers. Ready to embark on this desert journey of discovery? Let’s begin!

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1. What is the capital city of Arizona?

2. In what year was Phoenix officially recognized as a city?

3. What river is Phoenix near?

4. What major league baseball team plays in Phoenix?

5. Which mountain range can be found to the north of Phoenix?

6. What is the approximate population of Phoenix as of the 2020 census?

7. What is the primary airport in Phoenix?

8. What NBA team is based in Phoenix?

9. What large university is located in Phoenix?

10. What is Phoenix’s nickname?

11. What is the famous hiking spot in Phoenix known for its ‘camel’ shape?

12. What Phoenix park is known for its botanical garden and zoo?

13. What annual car race event takes place in Phoenix?

14. Which famous architect had a school in the greater Phoenix area?

15. What museum in Phoenix is known for its Native American art collection?

16. What large desert is Phoenix located in?

17. What award-winning restaurant in Phoenix is known for its farm-to-table cuisine?

18. What national forest is to the north of Phoenix?

19. What Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home and school in Phoenix is called?

20. Which U.S. President’s memorial is located in the Phoenix?

21. What 2,608-ft high mountain provides a great viewpoint of Phoenix?

22. What public artwork in Phoenix consists of multicolored nets in the sky?

23. Which famous children’s author had a gallery opened in her honor in Phoenix?

24. What annual golf tournament is held in Phoenix?

25. What rare meteorological event occurred in Phoenix in 1933 and 1939?

26. What hotel introduced Turndown Service for the first time in Phoenix?

27. What Phoenix mountain is known for its smooth granite formations?

28. Which art museum in Phoenix has a notable collection of European paintings?

29. What is the name of the large municipal park in Phoenix?

30. What musical instrument museum is located in Phoenix?

31. What kind of animal is featured in the name of Phoenix’s NHL team?

32. What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Phoenix?

33. What is the largest public library in Phoenix?

34. What ancient civilization is the namesake of a Phoenix village and point of interest?

35. What year did the Arizona Diamondbacks win their first World Series?

36. What is the official state bird of Arizona, which can be seen in Phoenix?

37. What water reservoir is located northeast of Phoenix?

38. What major event put Phoenix on the map in the mid-19th century?

39. What is the name of the popular Japanese Friendship Garden in Phoenix?

40. What canyon lake is a popular recreation spot near Phoenix?

41. Which architect designed the unique structure of the Phoenix Central Library?

42. What river-adjacent area in Phoenix is known for its hiking and mountain biking trails?

43. What major Arizona river supplies Phoenix with much of its water?

44. What is the name of the historic hotel in Phoenix that opened in 1896?

45. What kind of plants dominates the Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden?

46. Which legendary musician has a theatre named after him in Phoenix?

47. What award-winning Phoenix zoo is known for its conservation efforts?

48. What famous boxing heavyweight champion trained in Phoenix?

49. What historic Phoenix high school is listed on the National Register of Historic Places?

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