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Certainly! Welcome to this captivating trivia post dedicated to San Diego, often referred to as “America’s Finest City.” Whether you’re a native, a recent transplant, or someone who’s just curious about this beautiful coastal city, we’ve got something to intrigue you. From its famous zoo to its rich military history, from its breathtaking beaches to its vibrant cultural scene, San Diego is a city full of surprises. We’ve compiled a list of 50 unique San Diego trivia questions to test your knowledge and perhaps introduce you to some lesser-known facts about this southern California gem. Enjoy diving into these questions, and see how much you really know about San Diego!

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1. What is the nickname of San Diego?

2. In which year did San Diego host its first Comic-Con?

3. What ocean borders San Diego?

4. Which famous aircraft carrier is now a museum in San Diego?

5. What is the name of San Diego’s Major League Baseball team?

6. What zoo is located in Balboa Park?

7. Which Mexican peninsula is San Diego closest to?

8. What is the name of San Diego’s downtown district?

9. Which university in San Diego has a Triton as its mascot?

10. Which mission was the first to be established in California?

11. What is the tallest building in San Diego?

12. Who is the founder of San Diego?

13. What annual event involves a parade and takes place in Hillcrest?

14. Which beach is known for its historic wooden roller coaster?

15. What is the name of San Diego’s international airport?

16. Which island in San Diego is famous for its naval base?

17. What is the primary industry in San Diego?

18. In what year was San Diego officially incorporated?

19. Which bay is San Diego situated around?

20. What type of climate does San Diego have?

21. What aquatic park features shows with killer whales?

22. Which mountain range is east of San Diego?

23. What large public park is located in the heart of San Diego?

24. What is the name of the aircraft carrier stationed in San Diego that is the largest of its type?

25. What is the name of San Diego’s light rail system?

26. Which bridge connects San Diego to Coronado?

27. What famous aviator’s plane, The Spirit of St. Louis, was built in San Diego?

28. What is the annual average temperature in San Diego?

29. Which museum in Balboa Park is dedicated to air and space?

30. Which popular surfing spot is located in northern San Diego?

31. What river runs through San Diego?

32. Which annual sporting event involves a marathon and takes place in San Diego?

33. What county is San Diego located in?

34. Which major U.S. Marine Corps base is located near San Diego?

35. Which famous children’s author lived in La Jolla?

36. In what year was the San Diego Zoo founded?

37. Which reservoir is the largest in San Diego?

38. What is the name of the annual San Diego film festival?

39. Which opera company calls San Diego its home?

40. What was San Diego’s original name?

41. Which major freeway runs north-south through San Diego?

42. What is the name of San Diego’s minor league hockey team?

43. What is the highest point in San Diego?

44. What is the San Diego’s NFL team that moved to Los Angeles?

45. Which harbor in San Diego is the largest yachting community on the West Coast?

46. In what year did the famous Hotel del Coronado open?

47. Which neighborhood is considered the artistic center of San Diego?

48. What is the oldest active sailing ship that calls San Diego home?

49. Which famous World War II battle is commemorated at a San Diego memorial?

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