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Kansas, often hailed as the heartland of America, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural wonders. From its role in westward expansion to its key contributions to aviation, the Sunflower State has plenty of stories waiting to be uncovered. Delve into this list of Kansas trivia and learn fascinating tidbits about the land of Oz, its famed personalities, iconic symbols, and momentous events. How much do you really know about Kansas? Let’s find out!

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1. What is the state flower of Kansas?

2. In which year did Kansas become a U.S. state?

3. Which river runs through Wichita?

4. Which native animal is nicknamed the ‘American Buffalo’?

5. What is the highest point in Kansas?

6. How many counties does Kansas have?

7. Which famous aviatrix was born in Atchison?

8. Which university is located in Lawrence?

9. What is the state insect of Kansas?

10. In which city is the ‘Geographic Center of the Contiguous U.S.’?

11. Which novel was set during the Dust Bowl, featuring a Kansas family?

12. What nickname is given to Kansas?

13. What is the state bird of Kansas?

14. Who wrote the novel ‘In Cold Blood’ detailing a real-life crime in Kansas?

15. Which city in Kansas is known as the ‘Air Capital of the World’?

16. Which legendary lawman once served as the marshal of Dodge City?

17. What is the state reptile of Kansas?

18. Which famous fast-food chain was first established in Wichita in 1958?

19. Which long trail originated in Missouri and ended in Santa Fe, New Mexico, passing through Kansas?

20. The state’s name is derived from a Native American tribe. What is the tribe’s name?

21. Which fort was a key outpost during westward expansion and the Indian Wars?

22. What is the largest lake in Kansas?

23. Which movement in the late 1800s sought to help farmers and was rooted in Kansas?

24. Which city serves as the state capital of Kansas?

25. Who is the famous editor of the ‘Emporia Gazette’ and a voice against imperialism?

26. What is the state song of Kansas?

27. Which children’s novel features a Kansas girl and her dog Toto?

28. What natural disaster is relatively common in Kansas due to its location in ‘Tornado Alley’?

29. Which important civil rights case, dealing with school segregation, originated in Topeka?

30. In which city is the Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home located?

31. What is the state tree of Kansas?

32. Which prehistoric marine reptile’s fossils are commonly found in Kansas?

33. The largest remaining tallgrass prairie in North America is located in which Kansas preserve?

34. Which historic town in Kansas is known for its reenactments of gunfights and historical tours?

35. What major cattle trail passed through Kansas during the late 1800s?

36. Which Kansas city was known for its ‘Free State’ stance during the Bleeding Kansas era?

37. Which legendary basketball coach started his coaching career at the University of Kansas?

38. In which Kansas city is the Big Well, the world’s largest hand-dug well?

39. What famous Wild West figure hailed from Medicine Lodge?

40. Which aircraft company was founded in Wichita in 1927?

41. What rock formation, resembling a row of large stone cigars, is a Kansas landmark?

42. Which Kansas town is known as the ‘Czech Capital of Kansas’?

43. The first successful helicopter was designed by a Kansan named?

44. What Kansas city claims to have invented the ice cream cone?

45. Which Kansas city was once the ‘Pancake Hub of the Universe’?

46. What is the name of the underground salt museum located in Hutchinson?

47. Kansas has a state soil. What is its name?

48. Which U.S. President hailed from Kansas?

49. Which historic battle took place near present-day Baxter Springs?

50. In what year did Kansas women gain the right to vote?

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