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Father’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to honor and appreciate fathers and father figures for their indispensable role in families and society. This day offers an opportunity to express gratitude through gifts, quality time, and heartfelt messages. But how much do you really know about the history and unique traditions of Father’s Day? With this collection of 37 Fathers Day trivia questions and answers, we aim to not only test your knowledge but also enhance your appreciation of this special day.

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1. When was the first Father’s Day celebrated?

2. Which US President officially recognized Father’s Day as a national holiday?

3. What is the traditional flower associated with Father’s Day?

4. In which city was the first Father’s Day observed?

5. Who is credited with promoting the first Father’s Day?

6. Which country first celebrated Father’s Day?

7. Which president first proclaimed Father’s Day?

8. How do Australians typically celebrate Father’s Day?

9. In which month is Father’s Day celebrated in Australia?

10. What is the significance of wearing a red rose on Father’s Day?

11. What is the significance of wearing a white rose on Father’s Day?

12. Which country celebrates Father’s Day on St. Joseph’s Day?

13. How is Father’s Day referred to in Thailand?

14. What unique gift is commonly given in Germany for Father’s Day?

15. What outdoor activity is popular in Germany on Father’s Day?

16. What type of events are popular in Mexico on Father’s Day?

17. Which Scandinavian country was the last to adopt Father’s Day?

18. What is the main focus of Father’s Day celebrations in Japan?

19. What is a traditional Father’s Day meal in Brazil?

20. On which date does Russia celebrate Father’s Day?

21. What dual celebration occurs on Father’s Day in Russia?

22. What card company claims to have invented Father’s Day?

23. What sport’s event is often played on Father’s Day in the US?

24. What is the typical image depicted on Father’s Day cards?

25. What is the average number of Father’s Day cards given each year in the US?

26. What famous structure began construction on Father’s Day in 1933?

27. Which character is known for his strong paternal role in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’?

28. What type of entertainment is popular on Father’s Day?

29. Which animal is often symbolically associated with strength and fatherhood?

30. What is a unique tradition for Father’s Day in Nepal?

31. What role does the father figure traditionally play in Father’s Day celebrations?

32. What is the approximate percentage of Father’s Day gifts that are clothing?

33. How is Father’s Day celebrated differently in New Zealand compared to the US?

34. What day coincides with Father’s Day in Sweden?

35. Which color is traditionally associated with Father’s Day decorations?

36. How do South Africans typically celebrate Father’s Day?

37. What is a recent trend in Father’s Day gifts as of the latest decade?

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