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Welcome to this fascinating Memphis trivia post! Whether you’re a local, a frequent visitor, or someone who’s interested in getting to know this iconic city better, you’re in for a treat. From historical landmarks and famous residents to cultural gems and culinary delights, Memphis has it all. The questions and answers in this trivia post cover a wide range of topics to test your knowledge and pique your curiosity. So, put on your thinking cap and get ready to dive into the rich tapestry that makes Memphis one of the most intriguing cities in the United States. Enjoy!

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1. What river is Memphis located on?

2. Which famous singer had his home in Memphis?

3. What is the name of Elvis Presley’s home?

4. What year was Memphis founded?

5. Which professional basketball team is based in Memphis?

6. Which university is located in Memphis?

7. In which U.S. state is Memphis?

8. What is the name of the Memphis Zoo’s famous panda?

9. Which famous civil rights leader was assassinated in Memphis?

10. What is the name of the hotel where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated?

11. Which museum is built around the Lorraine Motel?

12. Which iconic street is known for its musical history?

13. What is Memphis known for in the culinary world?

14. Which famous soul food restaurant was founded in Memphis?

15. What is the largest park in Memphis?

16. Which annual event features barbecue cooking contests?

17. Which annual marathon takes place in Memphis?

18. What famous duck ceremony takes place at the Peabody Hotel?

19. What is the Mud Island River Park known for?

20. Which annual music festival is held in Memphis?

21. Which cargo company has its global hub in Memphis?

22. What is the name of the Memphis bridge that is often lit up at night?

23. Which famous blues musician is from Memphis?

24. Which genre of music has its roots in Memphis?

25. Which Memphis street is famous for its medical research facilities?

26. What do the initials ‘STAX’ stand for in STAX Museum?

27. What is the oldest art museum in Tennessee?

28. What is the name of the Memphis pyramid?

29. Which famous grocery store was founded in Memphis?

30. Which well-known Memphis festival is centered around film?

31. Which popular riverfront park is located in downtown Memphis?

32. Which public transportation method is popular in downtown Memphis?

33. What is the name of Memphis’ professional soccer team?

34. Which indoor arena is located in downtown Memphis?

35. What type of museum is the Pink Palace?

36. What is the famous recording studio in Memphis?

37. Which major Civil War battle took place in Memphis?

38. What is the name of the historic mansion in Memphis built in 1852?

39. Which famous Memphis park was once a racetrack?

40. What’s the signature dish at the Rendezvous restaurant?

41. Which body of water runs through the Memphis Zoo?

42. What Memphis event celebrates Italian-American culture?

43. Which instrument is featured at the International Blues Challenge?

44. What’s the name of the famous Memphis boat that offers river cruises?

45. Which amusement park was located in Memphis but is now defunct?

46. Which Memphis museum focuses on the history of the Lower Mississippi River?

47. What Memphis attraction offers a view from 28 stories high?

48. Which famous actor from Memphis is known for his deep voice?

49. Which Memphis theater is known for hosting Broadway shows?

50. What’s the nickname for Memphis’ minor league baseball team?

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