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Louisville, fondly known as “The ‘Ville,” is a city teeming with rich history, unique culture, and countless landmarks. From its famed horse races to its legendary bourbon, Louisville stands out as a treasure trove of interesting facts and tales. How well do you know this charming city? Dive into our Louisville Trivia to challenge yourself and discover some fascinating tidbits about this Kentucky gem!

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1. In which state is Louisville located?

2. What major sports event is held annually in Louisville?

3. Which river runs alongside Louisville?

4. What is the name of Louisville’s professional baseball team?

5. Which famous boxer was born in Louisville?

6. What is the main campus of the University of Louisville called?

7. Which popular baseball bat brand originated from Louisville?

8. What is Louisville’s airport named after?

9. Which park in Louisville was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted?

10. What type of sandwich is a local specialty in Louisville?

11. Which bridge connects Louisville to Indiana?

12. What is the popular nickname for Louisville?

13. Which annual music festival is held in Louisville?

14. What is the largest cave system near Louisville?

15. Which Gothic Revival style building is a popular Louisville landmark?

16. In which year did Louisville merge with Jefferson County to become a consolidated city-county?

17. Which cathedral in Louisville is the oldest inland cathedral in the US?

18. Which actor from the film ‘The Hunger Games’ is from Louisville?

19. Which historical figure known for his folklore tales visited Louisville frequently?

20. Which zoo in Louisville is among the oldest in the USA?

21. What annual Louisville event celebrates the blooming of cherry blossom trees?

22. What is the official drink of the Kentucky Derby?

23. Which Louisville museum is dedicated to a famous baseball equipment brand?

24. What is the tallest building in Louisville?

25. Which neighborhood in Louisville is known for its historic homes and large trees?

26. What was the original name of Louisville?

27. Which legendary bourbon is produced in Louisville?

28. Which famous frontiersman’s cabin is a landmark in Louisville?

29. Which festival in Louisville celebrates hot air balloons?

30. Which botanical garden in Louisville features a classical orangery?

31. Which US president was born near Louisville?

32. What type of architecture is the Louisville Water Tower known for?

33. Which bridge in Louisville is known as the ‘Singing Bridge’?

34. Which major theatre in Louisville dates back to 1928?

35. Which island park in Louisville offers views of the Ohio River?

36. Which museum in Louisville celebrates the art of glass?

37. Which Louisville avenue is known for its horse-racing?

38. Which folk festival in Louisville is the largest free festival of its kind?

39. Which iconic statue in Louisville is a tribute to King Louis XVI?

40. What is the oldest public library in Louisville?

41. Which bourbon event in Louisville attracts connoisseurs from all over?

42. What is Louisville’s largest public park?

43. Which performing arts venue in Louisville has a capacity of over 2,500?

44. Which cave in Louisville offers boat tours?

45. What sculpture park near Louisville spans over 60 acres?

46. Which landmark clock in Louisville features various historical figures?

47. Which annual arts event in Louisville features a parade with handmade masks?

48. Which Gothic church in Louisville has a twin-spired design?

49. In which district can you find a dense concentration of art galleries in Louisville?

50. What is the primary opera institution in Louisville?

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