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Welcome to a delightful journey through Brooklyn’s rich tapestry of history, culture, and landmarks. From iconic bridges to legendary personalities, this Brooklyn trivia dives deep into the heart of Brooklyn, one of New York City’s most vibrant boroughs. Whether you’re a native Brooklynite or a curious traveler, these fun facts are sure to test your knowledge and teach you something new about this beloved borough. Dive in and discover just how well you know Brooklyn!

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1. In which year was Brooklyn established as a city?

2. Which iconic New York bridge connects Manhattan to Brooklyn?

3. Which famous amusement park is located in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Coney Island?

4. In what year did Brooklyn become a borough of New York City?

5. Which Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its large Caribbean-American community?

6. What is the name of Brooklyn’s professional basketball team?

7. Which famous poet is buried in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery?

8. What Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its historic brownstone homes?

9. Which annual parade celebrates Caribbean culture in Brooklyn?

10. In which Brooklyn neighborhood can you find Di Fara Pizza, a legendary pizzeria?

11. The Battle of Long Island, fought during the American Revolutionary War, took place primarily in which present-day borough?

12. What is the name of the famous Brooklyn promenade with views of the Manhattan skyline?

13. Which famous Brooklyn-born director created ‘Do The Right Thing’?

14. In what Brooklyn neighborhood is the Peter Luger Steak House located?

15. Which large park in Brooklyn was designed by the same landscape architects as Central Park?

16. Which famous rapper hails from the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn?

17. What annual Brooklyn event features artists opening their studios to the public?

18. Brooklyn’s BAM stands for what?

19. Which Brooklyn neighborhood was once home to a large Norwegian community?

20. What Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its Russian-speaking community?

21. Which iconic Brooklyn eatery is famous for its egg cream?

22. What’s the name of the beach that is adjacent to Coney Island?

23. Which Brooklyn neighborhood boasts the Brooklyn Botanic Garden?

24. Which Brooklyn venue is known for hosting major boxing events?

25. Which Brooklyn-born actress starred in ‘The Princess Bride’?

26. What is the official flower of Brooklyn?

27. Which street in Brooklyn is known for its annual holiday light displays?

28. Which zoo can be found within Brooklyn’s Prospect Park?

29. Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza features a monument to which war?

30. Which actress, known for her role in ‘Girls’, was born in Brooklyn?

31. In which Brooklyn neighborhood is Junior’s, famous for its cheesecake, located?

32. Which Brooklyn museum has an extensive collection of Egyptian art?

33. The iconic Brooklyn Cyclones play which sport?

34. Which former U.S. president delivered a famous speech at the opening of the Brooklyn Bridge?

35. In which Brooklyn neighborhood can you find the historic Kings Theatre?

36. What is the nickname for Brooklyn’s 69th Street Pier?

37. Which Brooklyn neighborhood was formerly known as ‘South Brooklyn’?

38. In which Brooklyn neighborhood would you find the Wyckoff House, NYC’s oldest building?

39. What was Brooklyn’s original Dutch name?

40. Which Brooklyn library is the fifth largest public library system in the United States?

41. Which famous American novelist wrote ‘A Tree Grows in Brooklyn’?

42. Which Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its large Hasidic Jewish community?

43. Which iconic roller coaster can be found in Coney Island?

44. Which Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its Italian-American community and annual religious feast?

45. Which popular flea market, known for its vintage items, is located in Brooklyn?

46. What’s the name of Brooklyn’s largest public high school?

47. Which Brooklyn college is part of the City University of New York system?

48. Which hip-hop duo, known for their song ‘Push It’, hail from Brooklyn?

49. Which Brooklyn theater was once the world’s biggest movie theater?

50. What annual festival celebrates Brooklyn’s film and media arts?

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