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Dive into the eclectic charm of Portland, Oregon with this curated collection of Portland trivia! From its iconic landmarks and vibrant culture to its fascinating history and quirky attractions, this trivia set captures the essence of what makes the “Rose City” so unique. Whether you’re a long-time resident, a newcomer, or just a curious traveler, these tidbits are sure to spark your interest and deepen your appreciation for Portland. Ready to test your knowledge? Let’s journey through the wonders of this Pacific Northwest gem.

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1. In which state is Portland located?

2. What is the nickname of Portland?

3. Which river runs through the heart of Portland?

4. What annual event celebrates Portland’s craft beer scene?

5. Which NBA basketball team calls Portland home?

6. What iconic Portland statue holds a trident and rings a bell?

7. Which mountain, visible from the city, is considered an iconic Portland backdrop?

8. Portland is known for having many of what type of structure for crossing the river?

9. What is the largest park within city limits?

10. Which popular TV show satirized life in Portland?

11. In which year was Portland founded?

12. Portland’s International Rose Test Garden is home to how many rose varieties?

13. What unique form of transportation is popular for touring Portland’s downtown?

14. Which historic highway offers scenic views and waterfalls near Portland?

15. What is the name of Portland’s science and technology museum?

16. Which island in Portland hosts a large annual music festival?

17. What mythical creature-themed doughnut shop originated in Portland?

18. Which zoo is located in Portland’s Washington Park?

19. Portland hosts a unique adult soapbox race at which park?

20. The Bite of Oregon, a food festival, used to benefit which charity?

21. Which annual film event in Portland celebrates independent filmmakers?

22. What is the main art museum in Portland?

23. Which Japanese garden in Portland is considered one of the most authentic outside of Japan?

24. What annual event in Portland celebrates the LGBTQ+ community?

25. Which annual Portland event celebrates the blooming of cherry blossoms?

26. What type of transportation is the ‘Aerial Tram’ in Portland?

27. Portland’s Powell’s Books claims to be the world’s largest what?

28. Which children’s author, known for the Ramona series, lived in Portland?

29. Which bridge in Portland is exclusively for transit, bikes, and pedestrians?

30. Which Portland theater offers movie-goers pizza, beer, and films?

31. Which Portland university is known for its urban campus?

32. What district in Portland is known for its historic homes and boutique shops?

33. Which popular Portland garden is a testament to the city’s sister relationship with Suzhou, China?

34. Portland’s food scene is famous for its numerous what?

35. What is the name of the extinct volcanic cinder cone located in Portland?

36. Which annual event features dragon boat races in Portland?

37. What is the common name for the 19th-century brick building remnants found underground in Portland?

38. What kind of trees line the streets of the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland during spring?

39. Which annual Portland event celebrates the city’s vibrant music scene?

40. Which Portland neighborhood is known for its colorful boutiques and bohemian vibe?

41. What Portland farmers market is one of the largest continuously operating outdoor markets in the US?

42. Which Portland event in winter attracts visitors with its ship parade and decorated docks?

43. Which Portland company is known for crafting handmade leather goods and monogrammed journals?

44. In Portland, ‘The Grotto’ is a sanctuary dedicated to what?

45. What street in Portland is known for its high concentration of craft breweries?

46. Which art institution in Portland offers community-based arts programs and exhibitions?

47. In which neighborhood would you find the iconic ‘Keep Portland Weird’ sign?

48. What is the primary focus of the World Forestry Center located in Portland?

49. Which Portland garden offers views of both Mount Hood and the city skyline?

50. What alternative mode of transportation was pioneered in Portland and serves as a bike and pedestrian path?

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