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Welcome to our Alaska Trivia Extravaganza! Whether you’re a seasoned Alaskan or a curious outsider, we’ve compiled a captivating list of 50 trivia questions to test your knowledge about The Last Frontier. From its state flower and historical events to its fascinating landscapes and unique traditions, we cover it all. Get ready to journey through the wonders of Alaska—no parka required!

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1. What is the state flower of Alaska?

2. In what year did Alaska become a state?

3. Which Russian explorer founded Russian America in Alaska?

4. What is the largest city in Alaska?

5. What is the state bird of Alaska?

6. Which ocean borders Alaska to the west?

7. What is the state motto of Alaska?

8. Which mountain is the highest peak in North America?

9. What is Alaska’s primary industry?

10. Which famous sled dog race takes place in Alaska?

11. What is the state gem of Alaska?

12. Who was the U.S. Secretary of State that orchestrated the purchase of Alaska?

13. How many time zones does Alaska span?

14. How much did the U.S. pay for Alaska?

15. Which indigenous people primarily inhabit the Arctic and subarctic regions of Alaska?

16. What is the state sport of Alaska?

17. What’s the name of Alaska’s largest island?

18. What’s the primary ingredient in Akutaq, a traditional Alaska Native dish?

19. What is the state tree of Alaska?

20. Which river is the longest in Alaska?

21. What’s the name of Alaska’s state legislature?

22. What is the capital city of Alaska?

23. How many boroughs does Alaska have?

24. What’s the average temperature in Fairbanks in January?

25. Which Alaska city is known as the ‘Salmon Capital of the World’?

26. What is the name of the sea located between Alaska and Russia?

27. What’s the largest national park in Alaska?

28. What’s the main airport in Anchorage?

29. Which Alaska city has the nickname ‘The End of the Road’?

30. What’s the state marine mammal of Alaska?

31. How many glaciers are estimated to be in Alaska?

32. What’s the primary commercial fish caught in Alaska?

33. Which Native group is known for their totem poles?

34. What’s the famous highway connecting Alaska to the contiguous United States?

35. What’s the state fish of Alaska?

36. What was the first Russian settlement in Alaska?

37. What’s the area of Alaska in square miles?

38. How many national parks does Alaska have?

39. What was the original name of the city of Anchorage?

40. Which Alaska city is the northernmost city in the United States?

41. Which animal is featured on the Alaska state flag?

42. What’s the state mineral of Alaska?

43. What’s the name of Alaska’s state song?

44. What’s the tallest volcano in Alaska?

45. What is the southernmost city in Alaska?

46. Which Alaska city has the nickname ‘Golden Heart City’?

47. How many active volcanoes are in Alaska?

48. What’s the state nickname of Alaska?

49. Who was Alaska’s first female governor?

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