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Welcome to our Denver trivia post! Nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado, boasts a colorful tapestry of history, sports, arts, and natural wonders. Whether you’re a seasoned Denverite, a curious traveler, or just eager to test your knowledge, this trivia compilation is sure to intrigue and enlighten. From its establishment in 1858 to its thriving present, join us on a journey through 50 fascinating facts about the Mile-High City. Let’s see how much you know about Denver!

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1. What’s the state capital of Colorado?

2. Which mountain range is Denver located at the eastern edge of?

3. What’s the nickname for Denver due to its elevation?

4. In what year was Denver founded?

5. Denver is a consolidation of which two cities?

6. What river runs through Denver?

7. Which popular soda was invented in Denver in 1920?

8. Which Denver museum is known for its collection of Native American art?

9. Denver International Airport is known by what three-letter code?

10. Which large park in Denver was once the site of an airport?

11. Which historic Denver street is known for its jazz history and nightlife?

12. What Denver neighborhood is known for its historic Victorian homes and mansions?

13. Which annual Denver event celebrates the Western American heritage?

14. Denver is home to how many professional sports teams?

15. What’s the name of Denver’s professional football team?

16. What theme park, founded in 1886, is located in Denver?

17. Which Denver venue is known for its outdoor concerts and natural acoustics?

18. What is Denver’s largest urban park?

19. Which famous Unsinkable woman was a Denver socialite?

20. What Denver structure claims to be the 11th largest gold producing mint in the world?

21. Which Denver museum focuses on science and its interactive exhibits?

22. In Denver, Colfax Avenue is one of the longest continuous commercial streets in the U.S. How long is it?

23. Which zoo, opened in 1896, is located in City Park of Denver?

24. Which historic Denver hotel is known for its luxurious accommodations and has hosted several U.S. presidents?

25. What botanical garden in Denver offers a variety of plants and themed gardens?

26. Which Denver library was designed by renowned architect Michael Graves?

27. What Denver festival celebrates LGBT pride and culture?

28. Which music genre has an annual festival in Denver every summer?

29. Which historical theater, opened in 1906, is a Denver landmark?

30. What’s the name of Denver’s Major League Baseball team?

31. Denver’s Larimer Square is significant for what reason?

32. What popular winter activity spot is just west of Denver?

33. Denver was originally a part of which U.S. territory?

34. In what year did Denver become the permanent state capital?

35. Which U.S. president has a park named after him in Denver?

36. What’s the name of Denver’s professional hockey team?

37. Which U.S. highway, one of the longest, runs through Denver?

38. In what Denver park can you find a replica of the boat from ‘The Wind in the Willows’?

39. Denver’s 16th Street is best known as what?

40. Which famous Beat Generation writer lived in Denver?

41. Denver’s Confluence Park is named for the confluence of which two water bodies?

42. What’s the name of Denver’s professional basketball team?

43. Which mountain peak, visible from Denver, reaches over 14,000 feet?

44. Which Denver museum showcases the history and culture of the city?

45. Denver is home to a unique museum dedicated to which type of art?

46. Which Denver street is renowned for its bookstores, art galleries, and boutiques?

47. What’s the name of Denver’s professional soccer team?

48. Which historic Denver mansion is now a museum showcasing Asian and Middle Eastern art?

49. Denver’s Byers-Evans House Museum is centered around what?

50. Which Denver festival, started in 1895, celebrates Italian heritage and culture?

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