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Welcome to the Seattle Trivia Challenge! Dive into the vibrant history, iconic landmarks, and cultural nuances of the Emerald City with these handpicked questions. Whether you’re a lifelong local or a curious traveler, test your knowledge about this Pacific Northwest gem. From famous marketplaces to groundbreaking companies, how well do you really know Seattle? Let’s find out!

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1. In which U.S. state is Seattle located?

2. Which iconic tower offers views of the city from its observation deck?

3. What is the famous market in downtown Seattle known for fish-throwing?

4. Which annual music and arts festival happens in Seattle every Labor Day weekend?

5. Seattle is home to the headquarters of which major coffee company?

6. Which 1999 film starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan showcased many parts of Seattle?

7. Which company, founded in 1979 in Seattle, is known for its unique glass art?

8. In what year was the Great Seattle Fire that reshaped the city’s architecture?

9. Seattle is surrounded by water, mountains, and what kind of forests?

10. Which tech giant, co-founded by Bill Gates, is headquartered near Seattle in Redmond?

11. Which museum in Seattle is dedicated to the history of pop culture?

12. Which famous grunge band originated from Seattle?

13. In Seattle’s Gas Works Park, what is the main feature?

14. What’s the name of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood?

15. What major online retailer was founded in Seattle in 1994?

16. Which Seattle lake is home to the famous floating homes?

17. What public university is based in Seattle?

18. The Fremont Troll is an iconic sculpture holding what kind of vehicle?

19. Which annual boat festival showcases wooden-made vessels?

20. Seattle’s International District is also commonly referred to as?

21. In what park can you find Seattle’s famous conservatory and zoo?

22. Which island can be reached from Seattle by a 35-minute ferry ride?

23. What mountain is visible from Seattle on a clear day?

24. Which sports team plays at CenturyLink Field?

25. Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood is known for which Scandinavian festival?

26. What is the name of Seattle’s primary airport?

27. In which Seattle library can you find a unique spiral stack?

28. What iconic Seattle structure was originally titled ‘The Sinking Ship’?

29. Which body of water does the Seattle Waterfront overlook?

30. What iconic candy company started in Seattle in 1912?

31. Which music artist has a statue in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle?

32. What annual Seattle event celebrates LGBTQ+ pride and rights?

33. In what Seattle theater can you catch a ‘Midnight Movie’?

34. Which trail stretches from Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood to Bothell?

35. Seattle’s Underground Tour explores beneath the streets of which neighborhood?

36. Which mountain range can be seen to the east of Seattle?

37. Which annual Seattle race features costumes and a parade?

38. What bridge connects West Seattle to the rest of the city?

39. Which stadium in Seattle is home to the Seattle Sounders FC?

40. What is the name of the Native American figure that Seattle was named after?

41. Which museum in Seattle focuses on Asian art?

42. What famous Seattle company started as an aircraft manufacturing firm in 1916?

43. What’s the name of the iconic neon sign featuring an umbrella-toting individual in Seattle?

44. Which zoo, located in Seattle, features animals and botanical collections?

45. What is the name of Seattle’s famous rotating restaurant?

46. In what Seattle museum can you walk on a glass bridge?

47. Which ferry system connects Seattle with other parts of Puget Sound?

48. What famous 1992 film depicted the grunge music scene in Seattle?

49. Which Seattle neighborhood hosts an annual summer art fair?

50. What is the tallest building in Seattle as of 2021?

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