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Dive into the rich history, vibrant culture, and iconic landmarks of the Steel City with this curated collection of Pittsburgh trivia questions. Whether you’re a native Pittsburgher or just curious about this storied city, there’s something here for everyone. Test your knowledge, challenge your friends, and discover fascinating facts about Pittsburgh. Let’s see how much you really know about the City of Bridges!

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1. In which U.S. state is Pittsburgh located?

2. Which river flows through the center of Pittsburgh?

3. What iconic sandwich shop started in Pittsburgh’s Strip District?

4. Which famous children’s television host called Pittsburgh home?

5. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s professional baseball team?

6. Which museum in Pittsburgh is dedicated to pop artist Andy Warhol?

7. What is the historic incline that offers views of the Pittsburgh skyline?

8. Which university, founded in 1787, is located in Pittsburgh?

9. What metal industry was historically significant in Pittsburgh’s economy?

10. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its dinosaur sculptures and eclectic art?

11. What nickname is often given to Pittsburgh due to its numerous bridges?

12. Which Pittsburgh skyscraper was once the headquarters of U.S. Steel?

13. Which annual marathon takes runners through the streets of Pittsburgh?

14. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s NHL team?

15. Which Pittsburgh park is home to the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens?

16. Which historic battle took place near Pittsburgh in 1754?

17. What is the name of Pittsburgh’s professional football team?

18. Which bird-themed sanctuary is a popular attraction in Pittsburgh?

19. Which former U.S. President commissioned the construction of Fort Pitt?

20. Which three rivers converge in Pittsburgh?

21. What is the name of the popular science museum located on Pittsburgh’s North Shore?

22. What annual arts festival showcases art, music, and performance in downtown Pittsburgh?

23. Which famous playwright, author of ‘Fences’, was born in Pittsburgh?

24. Which Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for being the city’s historic Jewish community center?

25. What is the name of the historic train station turned luxury apartments in Pittsburgh?

26. Which 446-foot skyscraper in Pittsburgh was completed in 1917?

27. Which Pittsburgh zoo is one of the oldest in the U.S.?

28. What is the name of the public market in Pittsburgh’s Strip District?

29. Which neighborhood in Pittsburgh is known for its historic Victorian-era homes?

30. Which amusement park has been entertaining Pittsburgh residents since 1898?

31. What unique form of transportation connects Mount Washington to the city below?

32. Which famous horror filmmaker is a Pittsburgh native?

33. Which historic theater in downtown Pittsburgh often hosts Broadway shows?

34. What iconic structure was once the entrance to Pittsburgh’s Union Station?

35. Which park located northeast of Pittsburgh is known for its wooden roller coasters?

36. In what year was Pittsburgh officially incorporated as a city?

37. Which Pittsburgh museum showcases the natural history and art collections of its namesake?

38. Which island in Pittsburgh is a hub for outdoor activities?

39. Which historic tunnel in Pittsburgh was completed in 1924?

40. What annual event in Pittsburgh celebrates the LGBTQ+ community?

41. Which former Pittsburgh mayor shares his name with a famous dinosaur?

42. Which famous 20th-century dancer and actor was born in Pittsburgh?

43. In what Pittsburgh church can you find windows designed by Tiffany & Co.?

44. What public space in downtown Pittsburgh was once known as Diamond Square?

45. What annual Pittsburgh film event showcases international and independent movies?

46. Which neighborhood is known as Pittsburgh’s Little Italy?

47. Which Pittsburgh landmark was once the world’s first retractable dome stadium?

48. What is the name of the oldest surviving bridge in Pittsburgh?

49. Which Pittsburgh museum showcases the history of Western Pennsylvania?

50. Which popular Pittsburgh event features teams racing in homemade flying crafts?

51. What Pittsburgh tradition involves participants jumping into frigid river waters on New Year’s Day?

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