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Welcome to the heart of Texas! Dallas, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and sprawling skyscape, has more to offer than meets the eye. Whether you’re a local, a frequent visitor, or someone looking to test their knowledge of the Big D, this trivia compilation is sure to challenge and enlighten. Dive into these intriguing Dallas Trivia questions and discover facts and tidbits that you might not have known. Let’s see how well you know the city where everything’s bigger and brighter. Enjoy!

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1. In which state is Dallas located?

2. Which major airport serves Dallas?

3. Which U.S. President was assassinated in Dallas in 1963?

4. What major river runs through Dallas?

5. Which popular TV show of the 1980s was named after Dallas?

6. What is the primary sports stadium in Dallas called?

7. Which NFL team calls Dallas home?

8. What is the iconic sphere in downtown Dallas?

9. Which museum in Dallas is dedicated to the life of John F. Kennedy?

10. What major lake is located to the east of Dallas?

11. Which botanical garden in Dallas is renowned for its beautiful plants and seasonal displays?

12. Which university is located in the University Park neighborhood of Dallas?

13. Dallas is part of the larger metropolitan area commonly referred to as?

14. Which historic district in Dallas is known for its nightlife and music venues?

15. Which annual state fair takes place in Dallas?

16. In which year was Dallas founded?

17. What was the primary industry that contributed to Dallas’s growth in the early 20th century?

18. Which major zoo is located in Dallas?

19. What is the tallest building in Dallas?

20. Which Dallas neighborhood is known for its upscale shopping and dining?

21. Which historic theater in Dallas dates back to 1947?

22. Who is the founder of Dallas?

23. What transportation system connects Dallas with Fort Worth?

24. Which Dallas park is larger than Central Park in New York City?

25. What performing arts venue in Dallas is designed by Norman Foster?

26. Which famous cattle drive sculptures can be found in Dallas?

27. Which museum in Dallas is home to a vast collection of Asian art?

28. Which Dallas building was once the city’s tallest skyscraper in the 1920s?

29. Which bridge in Dallas was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava?

30. Which popular aquarium can you visit in Dallas?

31. In which Dallas district can you find numerous art galleries and studios?

32. Which historical figure has a statue in Dallas’s Pioneer Plaza?

33. Which National Basketball Association (NBA) team is based in Dallas?

34. What is the name of the major convention center in Dallas?

35. Which Dallas park is known for its large artificial lake?

36. Which prestigious golf event is hosted annually in Dallas?

37. Which historic neighborhood in Dallas is known for its restored early 20th-century homes?

38. What major science museum can children visit in Dallas?

39. Which popular farmers market can you visit in downtown Dallas?

40. What nickname is often associated with Dallas due to its economic importance?

41. Which music venue in Dallas was formerly a vaudeville house?

42. What name is given to the upscale shopping center located in North Dallas?

43. Which famous Dallas highway is known for its mixmaster interchanges?

44. Which Dallas landmark has a geodeck that offers panoramic views of the city?

45. Which cathedral in Dallas is over 100 years old and serves as the seat of the bishop?

46. Which art museum in Dallas houses European, American, and contemporary artworks?

47. Which amusement park in Dallas offers rides, games, and summer concerts?

48. In which historic Dallas hotel can you find the famous French Room restaurant?

49. What historic Dallas neighborhood is known for its large Tudor-style homes?

50. Which popular event space in Dallas has an iconic reflective pool?

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